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First Draft Done!

Just before I had to send my laptop to the doctors to fix its battery issue, I finished the first draft of Arborable.

This started as a silly Arbor Day Reverse Harem romance. It quickly turned into a rich world of dryads and tree people on the brink of collapse and the one woman who might be able to help them—if they’d let her.

Originally, I wanted this book to be a standalone, but as I kept writing I realized I needed so much more time with these characters. This first draft is already 94K words, so I made the decision to cut it into a two-book series. It’ll give me more time with the characters, the world, and torturing both. Not to mention an excuse for more fun steamy scenes that make imaginative use of vine, leaves, and flowers.

Now to plot out the second book and figure out how I’m going to make Trixie, Hickory, Linden, and Willow’s lives even more challenging.

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