First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from CheckMate by Angela Taylor

A investigator is hired to see if a woman’s husband is cheating, except he’s not married.

She was caught off guard when his lips touched hers. She hadn’t expected him to kiss her, but if she had, she never would’ve expected his kiss to be so incredibly gentle. It was a kiss which asked rather than demanded, coaxed rather than seized. It was a kiss she found herself unable to resist, and she leaned into it … answering, responding.

His hands came up to frame her face, and he deepened the kiss. His tongue touched her lips, and she parted them timidly. Her body wanted to race forward, but something in the back of her mind still held onto the reins. Even so, when his tongue swept past the barrier of her teeth to stroke hers, she couldn’t stop herself from shivering. He tasted like salt and temptation, like coffee and promise. He tasted like heaven, and when he urged her off the hood of his car, he felt even better.

With her body pressed up against the length of his, she could barely breathe. Not because he held her too tightly, but because even his three-piece suit couldn’t conceal the hard planes beneath it. She couldn’t resist touching him and brought her hands up to his chest. The texture of his vest was rough compared to the even weave of his cotton shirt and the cool softness of his silk tie. He was incredibly warm and solid beneath her touch, a fact she found both reassuring and disturbing. His strength lulled her into a sense of security, but she couldn’t quite place—

He broke the kiss, and her thoughts scattered. There wasn’t time to gather them back, however, because he tilted his head and reclaimed her mouth more firmly this time. The stroke of his tongue grew bolder and more demanding, and her fingers curled in response, clutching at his vest.

When his hand traveled down to the small of her back and pulled her hips toward his, she tried to move her hands out of the way. Suddenly, she didn’t want any barrier between them. Her left hand slid neatly around his waist, but her right was caught. She pulled back in frustration, trying to free it.

“What’s wrong?” he whispered against her lips before drugging her with another kiss.
She melted against him, completely forgetting about her right hand until he drew back far enough for her to reply. “I’m stuck.”

He kissed her again, long and hard, like he couldn’t get enough and had to have one more taste to sustain him before he let her go, however briefly. She sympathized with his urgency, because she felt deprived without his mouth on hers. She quickly moved back to free her hand and found that her mother’s ring was caught on one of his vest buttons. Freeing it was easy without their bodies pinning it in place, but when he tried to draw her back and reclaim her lips, she hesitated, staring at her ring.


Her ring. “Oh my gosh!”

“What is it?”

“I …” She looked from her gold ring to his pale green eyes. Good Lord, what had she done?