Arthur’s Tombstone

Over the fourth of July weekend, I broke out my long-lost tools and returned to a craft abandoned many years hence — tombstone making.

Arthur Morgan tombstone

This is Arthur Morgan’s tombstone from Red Dead Redemption 2…or as good as I could manage anyway.

Here’s my step-by-step process from carving foam to painting.

I’ve got some plans for what to do in my Halloween haunt this year. At least my cowboy skeleton will finally have his own tombstone.

2 thoughts on “Arthur’s Tombstone”

  1. Oh Ellen, I’m SO glad you’re already planning your display for this year. I was afraid that your grief and pain that made you pull down the last display, might have soured you on it for good. But you enjoy putting it up and having others admire it! So good for you that you’re not letting one a-hole ruin your fav holiday!


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