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Fangscreen is Here

A grouchy vampire falls for a hot himbo on a tropical island.

Adorably funny and sweet! Grumpy but lonely vampire is bowled over by a cute beach boy. Not what you would expect, but so much more.. Big hugs for this wonderful romance! Loved it so much!”


The others all chuckled at his response, but I crawled higher up the branch. It caused my body to bend lower, the palm tree sweeping in the breeze while I stared in wonder at this lively man. Idiotic name aside, I couldn’t look in any other direction. He sat as if content, feeling not the stickiness of the humidity nor the stench of alcohol both entering and leaving the body. As if the world was his oyster, yet he didn’t care about the pearl or even opening it. He only needed the pretty shell to be happy.

An inexplicable urge overcame me to roll around in his cascades of hair. To feel his thumbs gently brush down the fur of the bat’s stomach as he held me safe. I inched closer to him, the bounce of the branch flinging me about like the flag of a contested castle. 

“Lake.” One of the women extended a hand. “Come dance with me.”

“Okay.” His smile chased away the pain of him dancing with anyone else. “Oh, let me finish this first.” He half stood and reached for his flamingo drink. Tipping it back, most of the pink liquid fell into his wide mouth, but a single drop slipped down the front of his throat. I traced its path bumping over the muscles before landing right beside his pulsing jugular. 

I ached to puncture my fangs astride that pink stain, to draw my tongue down the fruity trail and feel him melt in my arms. To knot his hair in my hands and pull his head back until his lips gleamed up at me and…

Oh no!

The tiny bat legs grew to man-sized, and the wings transformed into useless arms thanks to my wandering mind. My claws sunk into toes, and I lost my grip to the branch. Before I could think, I fell face-first toward the sand. “Shii—” I shouted before hitting the beach. 

A loud whoomp shattered the night air as the rest of my body tumbled onto my back leaving me staring up at the stars. The pain was negligible to the burning shame washing over me. I hadn’t lost control of my bat form in nearly two hundred years. That only happened to very young and inexperienced vampires. What was wrong with me?
“Are you okay?”

A dangerously handsome face with a dribble of pink juice down his intoxicating neck filled my vision. I flailed. There was no better way to describe my limbs wafting about as if I could swim my way to my feet. Sand erupted from my panic, dousing my clothing and tossing the grains down my backside. All my exertion did was dig me deeper into the ground. I was forced to stare in unending embarrassment at the bemused turquoise eyes.

“Hi,” he said and extended a hand.

Take it.
Don’t take it. 

One surprise after another. The author has penned a really sweet, warm-and-fuzzy story of rom-com love. This is a delightful story that deserves its own series.’’

Bob Jackson

“Thank you,” I whispered. When the sincerity in my voice reached me, I nearly flung myself into the sea. 

“For the coconut,” I tacked on quickly, my lips knotted in a smile of mirth.

Laiken raked a hand through his hair, and he nodded. “Happy to help. They do a lot of coconut parties where you’re from?”

“Not particularly. There aren’t many coconuts…or parties.” The last time I’d been surrounded by so many people they were trying to wrench my head off to boil it in lemons. Folklore had some strange ideas on vampires. “I’m afraid I’m quite out of my depths on this endeavor.”

“Really? Cause this one’s great. Look at all those happy people!” He gestured toward the house where I was able to spot a handful of couples laughing on the porch and one person on the roof vomiting over the side. 

“Is that all it takes? Food and vino to placate the masses into a happy stupor?”

“Music helps too,” Laiken said honestly, and it caused me to bark out a laugh.

“True. The beat is infectious, if not bone-crushingly loud.”

“That’s the best kind. You feel it all over.” He ran his hands from his exposed chest down his strong waist and over his thighs. 

“I want to feel you all over.”

“Huh?” Laiken stared at me, and I slapped a hand to my mouth. That was not spoken aloud. I’d thought it. Surely. What was in that drink?

My body tried to crumple into a heap while my legs remained rooted in the sand. Escape, flee, mesmerize him to forget what happened. The last seemed the best option. I took a step closer, prepared to fool his mind, only for Laiken to turn to me and hold out his hand.

“You wanna dance?”

With you? And me? Our bodies swaying and sweeping practically against each other to an enchanting beat?

“That sounds…” Liquid courage intoxicating the blood in my system caused me to reach for his hand to take it.

The book was hilarious! I would recommend the book to those who enjoy fun and paranormal reading and don’t shy away from LGBT theme.”

Anna S

Laiken smirked and drew the tip of his finger across my still chest. He stopped at the top of my sternum and looked me in the eye. “What do you do when you catch one?”
Slash their throat and dump the corpse into the decomposing gardens. 

“Depends.” I struggled to maintain my low growl. The heat from Laiken’s finger pressed through my shirt as he danced his touch back and forth down my chest. 

“On how hard the hunter chased you?” His breath caught and held, his body calm even as I heard the rising beat of his heart. Laiken’s trailing fingers slipped to right above my belly button and paused. He crooked his head, the line of his neck catching a glimmer of the light.

I reached a hand for him, wrapping my palm around the small of his back. “On how badly I wish to be caught,” I said and pulled myself to his lips.

Light broke over the horizon, blinding my eyes. I snarled at the invasion and recoiled, fangs out, just like all of those black and white horror movies. While the blood-thirsty monster hissed at the sun, the merman savored in it.

“I need to leave,” I said, hobbled and pathetic. “The sunlight is too much.” Whatever moment we had, whatever sweeping tension I’d wanted to roll in, was lost. I kept my eyes closed but stood tall. Facing the direction of the rising sun and where I left Laiken, I walked backward toward the house. 

“What about tonight? Can I see you then?”

Why would he wish to? I winced, the sting of dawn’s rosy light striking my hands. “Yes,” I said, agreeing to anything to escape. I was about to stuff my hands in my pockets when a coolness swept over me.

The pain vanished, and I opened my eyes to find Laiken before me. He cupped my chin in his hand and whispered, “Before you go.” With a gentle tug, he guided me to him. The heat of life overwhelmed me. It struck not only my puckering lips clinging desperately to his, but down my throat and nestled deep in my body. Laiken parted his mouth, placing the top lip in my care while his bottom lip swept over my meager soul patch. 

I groaned at the touch singing through me, but he backed away. A smile lingered on the lips I’d kissed. “Until tonight,” he said, bowed, then turned and ran for the ocean.

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