My New Forest Friends

Yesterday a little fluffy friend walked in from the forest. His fur needed a brushing but his eyes were bright as he wandered into my house.

He’s an inquisitive little guy, wanting to sniff all of my plants and bat them with his thick claws.

I really love the cute spine and ribs on his demon back and his fluffy tail.

I’m not much of a stuffed animal person but this little guy is perfect to sit on my lap or in my arms. My dog is NOT a cuddler. We can either scratch her face or rub her ears. That’s all that’s allowed. No pets.

Little demon however is designed for cuddles and pets. From his velvety antlers to his fluffy body and furry ruff, little demon is damn adorable and I love him so much!

Don’t worry, Dog, you’ll still get all the treats.

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