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Steamy Saturday — Krampus

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

🌶️ MF

She laughed as her body flew through the air, her naked legs gliding around his waist. Tender lips brushed against his forehead, trying to find his mouth, but Emeric was dead set on his path. At a sturdy end table, he swiped off the priceless lamp not caring when it bounded against the floor with an ominous crack.

Placing her upon the now empty tabletop, Emeric stole the kiss this time. His palm cupped her cheek as his tongue entwined with hers. The feel of her arm tugging up and back drew his eyes to find her trying to unzip her dress.

“Wait,” he spoke, breaking their rule. Those candle flames burned at him, but she froze in her undressing. Emeric’s palm grazed her risen elbow and began to fall to her wrist. As he circled his fingers around it, easily plucking her hand away from the zipper, he whispered, “Keep it on.”

“Okay,” she said, her lips parted, her eyes staring at where his fingers touched her wrist. Emeric placed her hand down, letting her resume control. From the periphery, he watched her other arm rise as if to pull him flush to her lips, but he had other plans.
Emeric took a knee.

“Are you…?” Nadire sputtered, her thighs parting as her body realized what he wanted. It was always nice to be invited in.

Starting at the carpet, Emeric cupped his palms to the back of her heels. The rubber tips snagged on the rough calluses and cuts, but as he began to trail his fingers higher, the soft shape of her shoe and her silky skin eased the pain. At her ankles, he reversed course, dragging his palms down the outside of her calves, then up at the inside.

“Shh,” he whispered, caressing her knees and canvasing her outer thighs. The dress’s sharp crinoline hung above, hiding away the silky skin he ached to nibble on. To scrape his claws over. To cover in petal-soft kisses and knead with his palms.

Glancing into her eyes, watching the anticipation burn over her face, Emeric wrapped his fingers around the thin band of her panties and tugged. A gasp rolled from Nadire, her legs rising to give them passage to the man rooting around under her dress. As they slipped to her knees, Emeric darted forward, his lips pressing a kiss to the tender flesh right above them. Just before leaning back, he breathed a warm whisper watching goosebumps erupt from that gentle touch.

“Sweet mother Mary.” Nadire gulped, her head thrown back as she suckled upon the air struggling to get to her lungs. With a smirk of pride, Emeric smoothed the back of his hands up her inner thighs and dove forward.

His tongue lapped clockwise around her delectable dish, Nadire’s succulent lower lips tasting both sweet and salty. While he smiled at the flavor, it was her scent that enflamed his blood. No perfumes to mask it, no confounding pureness that nearly sent him to his rosary—it was arousal. That slick, musky arousal of a woman aching for the right touch to send her spiraling out of control.

He needed it all. He needed her. Wrapping both hands around her ass, Emeric tugged her right to the edge. Scratchy crinoline cut across his forehead, the crimson fabric mashing into his hair as he dove tongue first into her. Licking a gentle circle around her excited clit, Emeric took his time reveling in the impossible.

Warmth enclosed around his head, her thighs sliding together as Nadire scrabbled to try and get a hold with her feet dangling off the floor.

Gripping to her ankle, Emeric dug those heels he couldn’t stop dreaming about into his thighs. The force of them bunching against his hard muscles, the near pain, revved him so hard he broke free of his boxer briefs. Even as his cock, ravenous for its own attention, swiped through the air he dove to her.

Sucking his hot lips around her clit, Emeric slid both palms under her flexing ass to push her tighter to his tongue. Wily, it flicked a rapacious beat against her clit. Nadire’s heels jammed deeper into his thigh, her loins bucking as she tried to roll with the pleasure he arced through her body.

“God’s…” she gasped above, her beautiful face sadly hidden by the dress he refused to let her remove. “That…that’s…” A panting breath swallowed her words. Emeric’s rhythm slipped, a proud smile twisting up his lips, so he pressed a kiss to her most tender and perfect area.

The heels lashed off his thighs and wrapped around his back. Hungry for more, for the release he promised, Nadire’s legs tugged Emeric so deep he knew nothing but her muff. Licking and sucking, his acrobatic tongue swirling as if she was the tastiest treat on the planet, he was pleased to give into his work.

“Yes!” The back of her heel kicked into his spine, rattling Emeric. Not from the pain or shock, but the immediate reaction it brought to his famished body. He slurped her hard, another “yes” and kick answering. His cock begged for the warm embrace his tongue refused to leave, Emeric following her lead as each kick earned her another deep slurp.

Guzzling in air as if she emerged from the sea, Nadire’s panting suddenly froze. Her entire body knotted up, thighs squishing Emeric’s cheeks, her hands enveloping his head as she curled up around him. Still, he kept his nose pressed to that clit pulsing in joy at the orgasm rolling through her.

He ladled in her pleasure, his ego inflating at how the crisp businesswoman crumbled into a panting, begging, satiated angel at his touch. Watching a woman reach her plateau was always a favorite pastime of his, but Nadire was beyond understanding. He didn’t realize he too was grinning in ecstasy until she folded her body around to butt her lips against his. The smile fell as he tried to return her kiss gently, but Nadire wadded her fingers through his hair and tugged him as if he was her puppet.

A creak of the not-as-sturdy-as-he-thought end table caused Emeric to glance down. The lamp he might be able to explain or fix. A broken table on top of it… Nadire seemed to sense the same, her body sliding to the edge as if she intended to slip off it. Rising to his feet, Emeric locked an arm around the small of her back, keeping her heaving chest pinned to his as he stared down into her eyes.

With his trousers caught around his ankles, and the boxer briefs losing their fight when he’d licked his way around her, Nadire could press her satin-wrapped stomach against the crown of his cock. A sly smile fumbled around her lips, her body gently undulating so that her sinful dress rode him. The need transformed into an ache, Emeric whipping wildly around to find any available spot. There was a sofa but covered in crass pillows. The rug? Take her up to his rented bedroom?

Nadire’s fingers slipped to the waistband of his remaining underwear, playing with the elastic as if she intended to snap it. Sliding her warm palm inside, she cupped against his hip bones, toying with his dark pubic hair as if she wanted to get a good grip and yank him into her.

Any sense of planning fled from Emeric’s mind, his arms enveloping her body. Hands dug into her taut ass, Nadire’s lips found his, her fingers finally tugging his boxer briefs down. As that final barrier slid to his knees, he hefted her into the air. Her laugh trembled against his lips, Emeric walking the woman not to the couch, it couldn’t survive what he wanted. Not up the stairs, he couldn’t wait.

Spinning around, his lips sucking against that delectable décolletage he got to gaze at all night, he planted her against the wall beside the fireplace.


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