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Steamy Saturday — Mermen

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Give in to the heat with these two gorgeous mermen in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean as they share the woman they rescued.

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🌶️ Mermen
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“How do you please yourself?” Namhu growled in her ear. He remained steadfast in his grip, holding her apart for whatever delight they had planned. And that grand cock continued to stroke against the small of her back.

“I don’t under…” Jo began when Enki slid his hand from her quaking knees up her thighs. He paused at Namhu’s hands, playfully flirting up the stoic man’s wrists, before resting both his palms at the full mound of her pubic hair. That seemed to entertain the prince who plied through it as if his fingers were a comb.

Enki paused and wrapped a hand around the back of Joanna’s head. Pulling her forehead against his, she puckered her lips for a kiss, when a finger slipped down the crevice of her being. She gasped, first in shock, then pleasure as that nimble finger dipped inside and up to the tip of her pearl. That she knew well, that she considered her private secret. That, Enki was polishing to a perfect gleam with his finger.

“Oh, you will adore how aroused she is,” Enki whispered to Namhu.

The hands on her thighs released, Namhu sliding them up to knead into her buttocks. In doing so, he pushed and pulled her flesh against his cock, his breath panting in her ear. Jo shivered at the guttural pleasure Namhu found from her body. When she gasped aloud, the kneading paused and ice-grey eyes burned in hers. “You’re already a delight,” he whispered, turning her head for a kiss.

“My turn?” Enki asked. Joanna shifted to place her lips on his, but the prince slid to his stomach on the sand. He began to crawl forward when he paused and glanced back at the pond. “An idea strikes my fancy.”

The man continually sweeping his hands over every available acre of Joanna’s flesh followed the prince’s look. Namhu smiled wide, his head bobbing at whatever Enki had planned. “An interesting idea.”

“What is? What do I…?” Jo watched as Enki hopped to his feet and leaped into the lapping seawater. She twisted her head to the side, catching Namhu also rising.

“Can you stand?” the serious man asked while watching Joanna struggle to stick a leg out.

“I’m not sure.” All the blood drained from her feet in order to pool in her cheeks and belly. She wobbled in the next attempt, nearly falling face-first to the sand when warm arms swept her up.

Namhu carried her towards the water’s edge, Jo’s heart thumping while those tales of murderous mermaids once again rose in her imagination. But as she spotted Enki’s sopping green locks rising from the dark depths, her panic calmed. Locking her hands around the back of Namhu’s neck, Jo pulled herself up to kiss his lips. So distracted, he couldn’t try to overpower her, the man trembling from her tender tastes.

At the edge of the water, Namhu plummeted to his knees even while lapping his tongue around hers. Joanna shrieked in surprise, her feet dipping into the cool water. Webbed fingers glided along her ankles, Enki tugging her deeper and deeper into his domain. Jo pulled in a breath, preparing to slip under the surface, when Namhu hooked his hands to her waist to stop her.

She floated with only her lower belly and legs distended in the water, Namhu quickly wrapping his chest to her back. While Jo was first distracted by that cock sweeping against her back, it was Enki pulling himself up by her legs that yanked her away.

Gripping to her ankles, he straddled her legs wider apart so his head could sweep up her bobbing thighs. Lips pressed kisses to chase away the chill, Jo staring down at the watery face rising from the inky depths. There was no concern of drowning, no fear in his eyes — only serenity as he placed one kiss to the right crease of her thigh and another to the left.

When his hands wound around her bobbing buttocks, Enki swam closer and his lips plunged to her. To that part of her she was supposed to hold sacred for only her would-be husband. That which she found herself ecstatic to share. Jo babbled in surprise, her fingers gripping to Enki’s verdant hair as her heart cried at the wonders he created inside her. How the tender swoop of his lips pressing and sucking upon her folds shook her to the core. How his wily tongue, now capable of twisting into a spiral against her pearl, sent her panting for relief.

Namhu sucked on her neck while Enki sucked upon her being. Hands plucked on her nipples; they had to be Namhu’s for the strength and confidence in each pull, but Jo couldn’t be certain. Her eyes shut tight, her breath hitching in her chest as her body strained higher and higher in this impossible pleasure.


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