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A Massage

Somehow I managed to wrench my shoulder by, I don’t know, breathing. Being a geriatric millennial is hard. Anyway, I decided to write a quick scene of Layla being tended to by her guys. Enjoy:

“Damn it!” The second I winced and reached for my shoulder, I caught Cal’s eye.

“Are you okay, babe?” Concern filled his baby blues and he reached across the table.

Ink’s hand beat him to it, pushing aside my hair. He dug deep into the muscle and I yelped from both the pain and heat.

“I fear our beloved’s body has been pushed to the limits.”

I laughed at his smug grin and shoved his hand away to dig in myself. “Not even close.”

“Oh, a challenge. I shall accept the thrown gauntlet and any other flying armor at your disposal.”

I moved my neck too fast to follow him and winced. Pain spidered down the whole of my chest. By the time I recovered enough, he was gone. A sound of clanging bottles broke from the kitchen.

Cal sighed. “What the hell’s he up to now?” Shaking his head, he caught me struggling to reach around to my aching shoulder. He shoved back from the table and stood behind my chair. With a delicate touch, he cupped my hair in his hands, then guided it to the side.

He placed the heel of his hand over my throbbing muscle and, instead of kneading hard, carefully rubbed out the top of a knot. I gritted my teeth, waiting for the pain, but he was so gentle, it felt more like a soft wash of water instead.

Cal leaned closer, his lip practically on my ear. “Should I go deeper?”

“Yes, please. Holy—”

He dug both thumbs in, sweeping across my weary muscle while innocently pressing his hips to my lower back. A moan slipped when he found the deep spot, and his hardening cock found my spine.

“The demon is tearing apart the bathroom.” Daniel popped in and stared at me rolling my head back against Cal’s abs. “What’s wrong?”

“She’s pulled a muscle.”

“That’s not going to help. You need ice. Or better yet…” Daniel walked through the table and gripped his hand under Cal’s. A burst of cold chilled along my muscle, leaving me trembling while Cal kept digging in. I was left gazing into the soulful eyes of the ghost, while my werewolf kept knocking his cock against my back. All that remained was—

“Ah ha! I have managed to acquire an oil of rose, though the necessary jasmine and frankincense are not located in your medicinal cabinet.” Ink’s arms bulged with jars, one of which was the extra virgin olive oil from the kitchen. In another, he’d chopped off rose heads from god knew where and drowned them in the yellow oil. Pride glowed in his eyes until he looked up to find me trapped between Daniel and Cal. “What is the spectral snot bubble doing?”

“Applying cold. Something that actually helps.”

“You will give her inflammation of the liver. Cold is only required in the event of a bile buildup. Here…” Ink shoved away Cal’s tender fingers and curled his hand over my shoulder.

The soothing cool from Daniel’s undead touch ignited into a raging heat. At first, I tried to jerk away, fearing a burn, but Ink’s hellfire began to knead away the knotted muscle Cal’s fingers couldn’t. I moaned, and leaned into it, finally able to lift my arm without pain zapping me to pieces.

“See,” Ink grinned in full Captain Smug mode. “Do not doubt my healing fingers, they’ve revived the exhausted muscles and twisted sprains of duchesses and dukes.”

“I almost had it,” Cal pouted, crossing his arms.

“My chill unknotted the worst of it. He only came in at the end to take all the credit.”

“Do you praise the fluffer for your orgasm?” Ink shot back.

Gasping, I leaned back in the chair and stared up at all three of my guys. I caught Cal’s talented hand, then Ink’s warm one, and stared into Daniel’s burning eyes. “Thank you, all three of you. I wouldn’t feel better without your touch.”

All three smiled wide at me, chests puffed out before they caught each other’s eyes. Fire burned in Ink as he raised up his homemade rose oil. “Would be a travesty to let this waste away without use.”

Cal shoved our homework to the ground, picked me up out of the chair, and dropped my ass to the table. He kissed me, and Ink yanked my shirt off. With a wicked grin, the demon dropped a single dot of his rose oil to my chest. Daniel wound his hands inside of mine and smeared the drop over my breasts.

“Don’t worry, my heart,” Daniel cooed. “I’ll keep you cool until we’re ready for you.”

Cal kissed me and whispered against my lips, “I’m gonna make you feel so good.”

Ink paused from tugging off my shorts to stare up at me. “While I make you burn.”

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