Get Free Stories, Win SWAG

Totally Entwined, my publisher, is hosting a new huge giveaway.

You sign up for a bunch of free stories and books, then if you get more people to sign up you get even more discounts and swag. There’s even the possibility to get exclusive character content or name a character after yourself.


  • 1 Friend and earn a 5% discount on your next eBook Purchase
  • 3 Friends and get a FREE eBook
  • 5 Friends and earn a 10% discount on your next eBook Purchase
  • 10 Friends and score THREE eBooks from our catalogue
  • 15 Friends and get a $25 Voucher from our Store
  • 20 Friends for FOUR paperback books of your choice (value $70+)
  • 30 Friends for a 50% discount on your next eBook purchase
  • 40 Friends and get EXCLUSIVE artwork, book trailers, cover gif and a signed paperback copy from an author of your choice
  • 50 Friends to have a goodie bag/swag, notes on how the character was written, character interviews, and have a character named after you in an upcoming book from an author of your choice
  • Monthly GRAND PRIZE draw for all entrants to WIN an eReader of your choice!

1 thought on “Get Free Stories, Win SWAG”

  1. Honestly, I won’t enter the contest. That’s more for readers–especially ones who don’t review, so they don’t get a steady supply of new books. But thanks a ton for naming a character in your newest book after me! I’ve often complained that no one ever wrote a love song about my name. This helps a bit. LOL.


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