First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from The Baron’s Saving Grace by Cassie O’Brien

Regency Highlander Romance

She had to stop thinking about the woman. Tears welled and, irritated, she dismissed her stepmother from her mind . She would not spoil a rare hour or two of freedom on this beautifully warm, sunny day. Instead, she closed her eyes to indulge in her favourite daydream.

He would be handsome, of course. The suitor who one day soon would ride up to their house and demand her hand in marriage. Good natured, with a twinkle in his eye that was reserved for when he looked only at her.

The perfume of wild flowers drifted to her nose, and she tried to place it. Bergamot sprang to mind, although she had no idea where from. So far as she knew it wasn’t a species she’d ever seen growing in the local vicinity.

Her future lover did not yet have a name, but his lips were soft on hers when he kissed her. She could feel his breath, sweet and warm, as their tongues entwined. His mouth moved down her neck, then to her breast, and fastened on the hard nub of her nipple. Her breath hitched at the sensation, the secret intimate place on her body longing for his touch, and she parted her legs. His fingers explored and caressed the wet creases he found there.


Her lover now had a name, and he knew hers too.

“Grace… Sweetheart…”

The intensity of her yearning increased as his elegant fingers stroked and played. She reached for the hard rod pressing against her thigh and his breathing quickened.
“Are you sure, my love?”

Desire throbbed through her pelvis. Urgent. Demanding.