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Steamy Saturday — Ribbon Fun

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Bring a bottle of champagne and box of chocolates for this ribbon bondage fun.

🌶️ MM

He flitted his gaze down my naked chest while the shirt slipped to the ground. A shiver trembled at the base of my spine, beginning as a fear that he’d turn and run. But when he ran those perfect eyes over my taut but ropey muscles, it transformed into nervous energy.

Tan resumed his look, not even stopping at my crotch, despite the pants still on. No, as his lips salivated, his eyes hungry, he began to tug off the last stitch of his clothing. Hypnotized by the sway of the hem of his rising dark gray shirt, I drank in every revealed swell and pop of muscle. They were all there—the rows of edible lats, the round abs, the smooth and pillowed pecs.

I wanted to rake my fingers through every divot, lap my tongue over the crests. I ached to full-on hurl him to the ground and feel all of him. To know what it was to hold that body carved for making men weep. But I kept still, curling my toes against the cheap soles of my shoes while my dick screamed at me to do something. Just one tug.

“You are…” Tan sighed, twisting his head to the side. His hair fell to a new part as he took one more appreciative gaze down my body. When he took a step forward, I puckered up, slotting my hands around his naked hips. It wasn’t to my remaining pants he reached, but to the basket of goodies. The champagne fell flat and the cheese stood alone. All he wanted was the small box of chocolates.

Leaning so close his hips flattened me back to the table, Tan’s gaze burned in mine as he circled a small square of chocolate around his lips. He lapped the tip of his tongue around the point, licking it deeper into his mouth. Fuck, I’d never wanted to be a candy so badly in my life.

Was I stuttering? Or crying in my throat? Or reciting some ancient curse to raise the Old Gods? All I knew was that my jaw couldn’t stop clicking as he brushed the candy once more over his lips. The heat melted it until sticky sweet chocolate dripped down his thumb.

Oh fuck!

Tan pulled the chocolate away from his lips and placed his thumb to them. Parting his mouth, he moved the chocolate closer while rolling his delectable tongue out for a taste. I moved closer, my trouser-trapped dick prodding against his lower abs.

He paused and, twisting his hand, pressed that chocolate-coated thumb to me. Without pause, I licked what he offered me, opening my mouth to re-enact what I had done to his cock. A shiver panted from him, Tan swallowing hard as he watched me.
“Do you want this?” he asked, jerking his head to the candy.

I wanted him.

Nodding, I parted my lips and waited for him to place the chocolate in my mouth. The heat in my gut rose, spreading down my thighs and across my naked chest. On instinct, I closed my eyes, savoring the delight of his body’s warmth filling the air around me. Of the edge of his guiding thumb drawing my bottom lip down as he drew his palm to my chin.

Please. Give it to me.

A touch of dark, creamy chocolate landed upon my lips. I leaned forward to bite down when a palm cupped my dick through the pants. My eyes flew open, beaming into the hungry gaze of the man caressing me like the champagne bottle. Fuckin’ hell! It was too good. It was too right.

Tan bounced his eyebrows once while pumping me. My dick grew so hard it was a wonder it didn’t rip my fly open for his hot palm. Leaning closer, he whispered in my ear, “Do you want this?”

“Fuck, yes,” sputtered free.

He left the candy in my mouth, the chocolate too big for me to take a dainty bite without dropping the back half to the ground. I was momentarily gagged by silky cocoa dripping down my throat while Tan unbuttoned my pants. He took care with the fly, the zipper tiny on such a cheap suit. My salivating lips gummed the chocolate deeper, my voice aching to beg him for whatever he could give.

But when my dick fumbled forward into his waiting palm, I groaned, swallowing the last of the treat.

Death by literal chocolate flashed before my eyes, followed by the fear that I’d have the biggest erection of my life while stuffed in the casket.

Thankfully, I’d nibbled and chewed the candy small enough that while it was a hard time going, it went down. And the hot man holding me in his hand didn’t have to whack me on the back once.

Tan’s worry was evident so I slapped on a fat smile to tell him all was good. Impossibly fantastical, but good. Just so long as I could hang on long enough to not eject before takeoff. That I couldn’t live down.

With the palm that cradled me carefully, he began its knee-quaking slide up. Tan cinched his fist tighter at the crown of my dick, knocking me off my feet. “Oh…” I gasped, prepared to curse for the ten-hundredth time when Tan plunged his lips to smother it. He used his tongue to tug on my bottom lip, and his teeth to nibble it as I had the candy. All the while, I locked my legs in and ordered my hips to stay in place. If I started to thrust, it was all over.

To my shock, Tan’s pumping me to nirvana fell away. A series of very angry disagreements rose from my dick, but I watched Tan. He didn’t look angry, or even disturbed. Judging by the cocky smile and pulsing in his not-so-spent penis, he was enjoying himself.

“Tell me, Jack,” he said while reaching for the basket. Would he go for the mystery box? No. Thankfully not the cheese knife either.

It was the bow. He tugged apart all ten sides of its crimson loops. As the ribbon fell into his hands, Tan coiled the red satin around his palm and snapped it taut. I jumped at the sound, my eyes widening even as my body pleaded to know what came next.

“How do you feel about…”…Tan whispered, then parted two fingers down the inside of my wrist, the silken edge of the ribbon slithering over my thin flesh—“this?” Twisting the ribbon the way one worked a corset, Tan knotted up my right hand to the mid-forearm. I stared dumbstruck at the piece of cheap fabric I’d tied so many times, never once wondering how it’d feel pressed to my wrist.

“Yes,” my voice answered without my brain. “Yes, please God, yes!”


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