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Coven of Desire 7 is Done!

The second I got my laptop back from the hospital, I got to work on Thorns—the seventh Coven of Desire book. It took me forty-three days and over 96K words, but Thorns is finally finished.

Okay, so if I even give you a synopsis it’ll be chock full of spoilers. Um… Let’s say that an old antagonist is back and needs Layla’s help. She knows she shouldn’t trust them, but she can’t stop herself from saving them. Meanwhile, a huge change is coming to the harem that some aren’t happy about.

Here’s a sneak peek from Thorns between Cal and Ink, but only read if you laugh in the face of spoilers.

He raised an eyebrow and sighed. With the slowest movement possible, he placed the ring back where it belonged. “You are aware once you have made the bargain, that ring shall decorate her finger. Many shall see it and judge you accordingly.”

“That’s not why…” I paused in stowing it away and took a peek. “What do you mean judge? What’s wrong with it?”

The second I saw it in an old antique shop I knew it was perfect for her. At least, I thought I did. If anyone knew Layla’s deepest desires, it was the demon with a direct line to them. “Do you think she’ll hate it?”

He flattened his lips and shrugged. “Who’s to say?”

“You. Just now.” He’s fucking with me because Layla’s distracted and he’s angry at her, but would rather take it out on the rest of us. The ring’s beautiful. Not as beautiful as her, but good enough to sit on her hand. Hopefully.

Secure enough to not fall into a flustered panic, I put it back in my pocket and focused on the dishes. Sadly, the demon wasn’t done torturing me. Ink settled in next to me, watching as I rinsed. “Have you decided upon the setting of this grand exchange of property arrangements?”

I wasn’t rising to his anti-marriage bait. Taking a breath, I stared at the plate. The tiny soap bubbles sparkled as they caught the yellow chandelier light, almost like a bottle of champagne. “No. The backyard’s too…pedestrian isn’t it? Maybe I should go for something bigger. Like a fancy restaurant?”

Ink raised a single shoulder.

“Or I could take Layla to a baseball game. Have them put it on the jumbo screen.” That was a terrible idea the second it left my mouth.

The slow look from the incubus only cinched it. “And you believe our beloved to enjoy the doldrums of leather hitting wood? Outside of the bedroom, mind.”

Yeah, fair point. I drew my palm across my throat, thinking of the last time she’d placed the black leather collar there. No Ink, no Daniel, certainly no Garavel. Just her in a pair of peek-a-boo panties and me strung up at the end of the tether at her command.

“Ah, there is an idea. You should propose mid-coitus,” Ink declared with a smirk, his gaze directed at my crotch.

I didn’t even bother to hide my erection only laughed at his idea. “What every girl wants.”

“Is there a time when the head is more clear than after the expulsion of seed?”

A shudder climbed up my spine. “Don’t call it seed ever again.”

“Man jelly? Seaman’s chowder?”

“Do you have a book of these?”

Now to whip this mega book into shape to submit it to my publisher. Wish me luck. This bad boy’s gonna need a flamethrower.

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  1. Oh I can’t wait. I’m sure Ink will be in his “Non Demon Feelings” about Cal proposing. Layla’s Harem is hilarious


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