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Casting the Coven

I was challenged to try to cast my main characters in Coven of Desire so I took a crack at it.

Who would you cast for Layla, Ink, Cal, Daniel, Stone or Garavel?

Why don’t I give you a little sneak peek from the upcoming Wings?

“Ugh, I hate that I can’t heal this away.”

“I hate that it happened.” He dropped the lid on the pot hard, and screwed it on while staring me in the eye. “First you get kidnapped, again, then burned. I don’t like this, Layla.”

“Or is it a certain winged, armed man of the celestials whom you don’t enjoy?” Ink stood by the vanity, occasionally glancing at his face in the mirror. If I turned too quickly, I could see the outline of his horns and the demonic skin he kept hidden.

Cal grumbled and Ink leaned for him. “Sounds like someone needs his belly rubbed.”

“Try it and I’ll rip your arm off.”

“Forgive me for lightening the mood, Beo-wolf.”

I had to press my lips together to keep from laughing at Ink’s god-awful pun. “I don’t get it, why does Garavel—?”

Cal full on growled at the name. This was going well. “What does he have against werewolves?”

“Aside from their incessant howling, bringing fleas into the house and pissing in all your potted plants?” Ink asked. “Haven’t a clue. Angels are not my purview.”

“What is, exactly?”

Ink smiled wide. “Shall I list them alphabetically? Anal, anilingus, an—”

“Okay,” I cut in, not needing those two to come flying apart. At least Cal had stopped lifting his lip to show off a fang. “We need to plan a way forward, then. I’ll tell Garavel in no uncertain terms he cannot hurt you, and I expect the same.”

“Oh.” It was Ink who whined and not Cal. “But if you let them fight, it might lead to violent rutting. And my collection of erotic drawings could use a new chapter.”

“Yet you he doesn’t have a problem with?”

“Everyone likes me,” Ink declared with a smile.

“I don’t,” Daniel called. He leaned back from the desk in the bedroom to stick his head clean through the wall.

“Everyone who matters likes me.”

WINGS arrives October 4th

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