First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from Two Princes (When We Were Young, book 1) by Maggie Blackbird

To win over the chief’s haughty son,
a drug-dealing punk must risk his reputation and freedom.

The shock of heat and silk shook Billy’s core. He’d never experienced being so out of control and having his body dictate his actions. Not even being hidden in the old abandoned house with Julie caused such exciting yet fearful sensations to trap him in a block of ice.

Billy closed his eyes and moved his mouth along René’s lips. He was drowning in pleasure and terror, a mixture of silk and claw-grabbing chills digging into his back. He wrapped his arm around René’s shoulder, his palm resting on the cold silver choker and skin warm and luxurious. His breathing came in shaky gasps as he continued to explore René’s mouth.

A thick fog seemed to swirl around Billy. Lost. Helpless. He caressed the choker, touched the nape of René’s neck, then delved his fingers into rich locks of hair. Breaths from René’s nose fanned Billy’s mouth, his own probably mixed in with the scent of tobacco.

Billy’s knees shook, and he held tighter to René’s shoulder. Having their natural body heat swirling as one produced tremors down Billy’s spine. He couldn’t get over the closeness, and he pressed himself tighter against René’s chest. Their t-shirts touching was a wave of giddiness thundering through Billy’s veins.

René’s mouth moved in the same searching rhythm, and Billy almost lost his balance when René surrendered. His plush kiss sucked the air from Billy’s lungs.

Their mouths melted deeper together. René’s hand rested on the small of Billy’s back. Excitement wrapped him tight, so tight his muscles almost pushed through his tingling skin.