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Steamy Saturday — Spaceship Funtimes

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Fun times on the bridge of a spaceship after a bounty hunter rescues the heroine.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Nerdy Heroine
🌶️ Nearly Crashing a Spaceship
🌶️ Bounty Hunter Hero

Lips soft and sweet as whipped cream found mine. In an instant, heat pulsed through me, Nolan’s gentle kiss zapping down my spine. I felt myself floating to the floor when a palm cupped my jaw. The thumb swept along my cheek, seeming to try to raise my lips into a smile even as I lost myself in his kiss.

As my toes bounded on the safety floor, Nolan pulled back. “I can’t…” he said, touching his lips glistening from my kiss. His brow furrowed and, with his thumb, he swept across my lips and slightly parted my mouth. “I can’t pretend any longer,” Nolan declared.

Like a spec of matter at the event horizon of a black hole, I was drawn forward at the same moment Nolan reached for me. He tousled through my hair, shaking away the knots from running through the forest. Rolling my long curls in his fist, he tugged until my head tipped back.

Plunging to me, our tongues met in his mouth as Nolan swept me into his arms. Palms kneaded across my ass, lifting my skirt and guiding my legs around his waist. A surprising sweetness rumbled under the masculine musk nibbling on my lips. I ached for more, to have him bite and lick his way down my body. 

I scraped my nails down his back, crisscrossing over the muscles flexing to hold me. Nolan threw his head back and groaned from the bottom of his chest. The noise froze me, uncertain if that was right, when he surged forward and lifted me into the air.

My ass landed on a hard glass surface, but I hardly noticed as Nolan’s fingers swept across my collar. One tugged the strap of my dress down my upper arm. His other hand…

“God!” I cried and slammed my palm down to steady myself.

“Lowering landing gear,” the computer announced.

The hand that’d been cupped around my breast grabbed my wrist to lift it off the console. “Sorry—” I began to mumble, but Nolan silenced me with a kiss while he pressed a bunch of buttons.

“Retracting landing gear.”

Walking his fingers down my neck, step by step, he traced the curve in a slow slide until landing in the hollow. Nolan drew the length of his nose across my cheekbone, his lips peppering me in kisses until he found his way to the thin skin of my throat.
Where before it saw trauma and pain, now a touch of his lips softer than a whisper glanced over the tender skin. “This is…” he said, pausing to kiss me deeper.

A moan slipped from me, my body starting to squirm as I flexed my thighs at the thought of him tugging them apart. Nolan’s kisses drifted ever downward until his teeth locked around my bra strap. Playfully, he pulled it to the side, the same as with my dress.

“These are beautiful,” he said. 

I wouldn’t say my breasts were unnoticeable, or ogre ugly, but they weren’t usually worthy of praise. All four fingers swept across my exposed collar bone, causing Nolan to moan. Did he mean…?

A laugh at the thought of my collars being sexy paused him. “I have better hiding below the dress,” I said, aching for him to pull it away.

“Hm, I should inspect you for contraband. You never know what a dangerous space pirate might try to sneak onboard,” he said. His palms worried along the outside of my knees and up my thighs. It sent my skirt riding higher, while I scooted closer to him.

“Shutting windows.”

Nolan kissed me harder than before. I slid far enough off the console the bulge rising in his pants glanced across my soaking-wet panties. “Fuck,” he gasped, his hips pressing deeper into me as he slapped the console.

“Dropping oxygen percentage to 10%.”

I wanted to rip off his pants, to take the whole length of him first in my hand, then mouth, then let him fill me. Digging my hands under the waistband, I wrapped my palms around his hips. My thumbs slipped deep into that masculine V and a tuft of soft hair clustering around what I wanted. 

Drawing through the long curlies, I strained to cup one hand under his balls. 
“You have no idea what I want to do to you,” Nolan growled.

“Tell me.”

He hooked both hands around my inner thighs, spreading them wide. Dark eyes—nearly eclipsed by his brow—met mine. With a voice crackling like aged whiskey, he said, “Bathe your body in the finest oils from the Etresian fields. Lick you from ear to navel, until you beg for me to nestle my chin between your thighs. Lose myself to your moans of pleasure.” He leaned closer, his hand folding and spearing his knuckles to the console. “And spread these legs wide while I commune my soul with yours.”

Holy shit.

“Dumping all fuel sources,” the computer interrupted, pulling the evaporating-panty-stare off of me. I gasped, trying to pull in air while Nolan prodded at the console. He frowned deeper at every button we accidentally pushed before seeming to reset it all.

Rising up, he announced, “It just occurred to me…” Hands cinched under my ass, lifting me away from where I was prepared to be ravaged and soul consumed. “I haven’t given you the tour,” Nolan said and I kissed him. Our tongues rolled in a syncopated rhythm while he walked me off of the bridge. His palm vanished from my ass long enough to slap to the wall, where a door swished open.

“Just like in…” I said before he dove headfirst to my cleavage. Soft kisses caressed up the rise and fall of my breasts as we stumbled down a hallway.

“There. Is the mess,” he said, twisting his head to the right and an open door to a dark room. A hot, wily tongue swirled between my breasts, reminding me of his declared intentions. I groaned, pleading for more when Nolan broke away.

“That’s the engines,” he said, nodding to another door at the end of the hallway. “And there’s…other parts of the ship. Oh look, the captain’s cabin,” he announced while spinning us to the left. 

As we crossed the threshold, lights rose from the walls themselves. Soft purples and blues ringed the whole room. There was probably furniture, sentimental objects, a dresser. I had no idea because my every sense was filled with Nolan.

Practically leaping, he bent over and released me. A deep mattress folded around my body, hugging tight to my hips before rebounding me back up. It didn’t feel like those old waterbeds, it was too viscous. But it flowed with me, forming around my hips and legs while I watched Nolan gaze down at me.

His hair was tousled beyond recognition, his pink lips a blazing red, and his chest glistened from a sheen of exertion. Everything I never thought I’d see in my lab partner and coworker. Only those starry eyes, the deep greens speckled with yellow felt familiar. I’d know him anywhere by those eyes alone.

With a smile, Nolan snatched the hips of his gray workout pants and yanked them down. Completely, 100% human. Possibly an Italian sculpture’s masterpiece brought to life by a god. But human.

And staring at me because I couldn’t stop staring at it. The cockadoodle no longer hid away in his trousers but stretched high in anticipation of crowing before the sun.

I’m such a dork.


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