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Steamy Saturday — Demon Sandwich

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Today’s steamy scene includes a hot threesome from the Coven of Desire series between Layla, her incubus, and werewolf in bed.

🌶️ MFM
🌶️ Incubus & Werewolf
🌶️ Threesome
🌶️ Sexy Sandwich

The demon lay on the last scrap of my queen-sized bed, sandwiching me between him and Cal. I started to rear back in shock at a man randomly appearing, only for Ink to hook his palm behind the back of my head and wrap the other around my hip. He pinned me in place. “Your heart’s gone aflutter,” he said with his intoxicating lips.

It wasn’t only the dripping words that did me in, though he could spin the charm when he wanted. When I watched consonants wrap around his lips, the bottom puckering into an almost-kiss, my mind numbed. With the vowels, his cupid’s bow sculpting to a point, my body lit on fire. I ached for him to cover my body in his words.

Ink’s lips lifted into his trademark knowing smirk. Clasping his fingers to my hair, the demon pulled me to him for a kiss that struck a match down the entire length of me. “I do believe,” he whispered, forming every word so his lips caressed and swept over my mouth. Slowly, he worked his way along my jaw, adding a flick of his tongue to punctuate his sentence. “It is my duty.”

With the tip of his tongue, Ink licked back down the hollow of my ear. “To set your heart ablaze.”

He raised the hand on my hip to bunch the failing elastic on my shorts. It let his fingers fall down the curve, Ink tracing the line that went from thigh to… Oh my! I strained higher, trying to encourage his fingers. Instead of Ink gasping in delight, the moan came from behind.

Damn it. How did I forget Cal was right there? Because Ink knew how to push every button inside of me, and all of them led to sex. “Wait.” I reached to catch his wrist before he tugged down my shorts.

“Whatever for?” A laugh trilled with his baritone words in an erotic harmony.

I had to take a breath to calm the buzzing in my veins before I could respond. “Cal’s back there.”

“And?” He caught my chin in his hand and pulled me to his lips. Another wave of blinding lust swept over me. What if I left the bed? There was the couch in the living room. Ink and I could…

A hand curled under my breast that couldn’t belong to Ink’s as the demon was busy elsewhere. It kneaded through the worn camisole, fingers pinching my nipple until I arched my spine. Cal moaned, his toying with my breast increasing as he started to grind his hips.

“The beast awakens,” Ink said.

Teeth bit down on my shoulder, the seal pinching tight and radiating a cascade of pain quickly surpassed by pleasure. I pointed my toes, marinating in the rush as Cal opened his mouth wide and clamped down again. Ink caught my wayward leg by wrapping his palm around my thigh.

Flames sparkled in his eyes and he waggled his brows. Worrying his grip back and forth over my thigh, Ink shifted his hand toward my knee. “I believe we no longer need suffer the impunity of these pantaloons. What say you, dog?”

Cal licked his tongue up the full length of my neck. He burrowed his nose in the hollow of my ear and gripped the wayward ‘pantaloons.’ While running his wet lips along my ear, he latched strong fingers onto the waistband and tugged down. I wiggled to help, but Cal propped my hip up off the bed with his knee.

He abandoned the shorts to Ink when they only reached my lower thigh. Cal was too busy dragging the full spread of his nails up my skin. Goosebumps trailed his touch, causing a moan to rise in my throat. My mouth opened, needing to release it, when Cal simultaneously lunged forward with both tongue and finger. The first twirled in my mouth while the second plunged deep inside.

Even with my werewolf boyfriend’s tongue sweeping over mine, I let loose a cry of feral hunger. He crooked his finger inside me, not thrusting, but searching, sweeping for that little inner nub that made me go delirious. All the while, Ink tossed away my shorts and gripped my ankle.

Before I could breathe, he lifted my leg high, spreading me half-eagle while pinning me on my side. With a gleam, he passed my leg back to Cal, who bent it toward him. I wanted to yelp in shock at the strain, but the incubus suddenly appeared before me. Tipping me to face him, Ink smiled wickedly.

Cal’s finger solo became a duet, his thumb taking the lead on my clit. Another moan rose and Ink drew his impressive cock down my belly. He nipped along my jaw, increasing the pressure with every thrust of his hips. I reached out with my only free hand, cupping and kneading the bubbly ass cheek of my incubus.

“How badly you want to bite it,” Ink whispered, his hot, brimstone breath caressing down my ear. It wasn’t a question. He never had to ask me anything. “But I believe”—his smile twisted to a devious grin—“you desire an impaling more.”

Cal shoved my thigh into the air, and the tip of Ink’s cock reverberated through me. He met me eye to eye, one hand rolling back to catch as many of my curls in his fist as he could. When he had them, Ink thrust all of himself inside. Electricity snapped through me and I leaned for him, to bite on his shoulder, to moan against his pristine tan skin.
But Ink yanked me back by my hair. “Tut tut,” he said, shifting his hair hold from the free hand to the one pinned against the bed. Tugging once again, he thrust deeper than before. “We deserve to hear the fullness of your song, my bond.”

Moaning, Cal lifted me off the bed enough to sweep both his hands over my breasts. His hulk of a cock kept toying with my ass, the crown sweeping from one butt cheek to another while he licked the back of my ear. Ink kissed me hard, his hips swerving and jerking to thrust all of him inside of me. Then he tugged on my hair and tipped my head back until Cal could press his lips to mine.

Instead of the usual sweet and sensual kiss of my boyfriend, this one stung of claiming his territory. Of how he’d prove in this moment that he was worthy of me. Even with Ink pounding away inside my cunt, I reached for Cal, threaded my fingers through his short blond hair, tugged him closer and bit his cheek.

A growl rippled from the kiss-soaked lips beside mine. I radiated in the heat rising from his throat, in the glint off his human fangs. Nudging my head with his, Cal clamped his teeth to my shoulder and jerked the whole of his body against me.

“Layla…” he gasped, his voice wild and rippling with the call of the wolf. Panting, his teeth pressing against my cheek, Cal said, “I need you.”

Abandoning my breasts, he drew his palms down my body, traced the inward pull of my waist, spread the fullness of his fingers over my hips, and latched onto my upper thigh. “Please…please need me.”


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