Skele-Shark Do Do

On my birthday, I spotted two awesome Target-exclusive skeletons I had to have, that were also completely sold out online. Thus began my waiting.

I told myself for months that it was okay if I only get one. I love both and both would fit perfectly in with my pirate set up for Halloween.

Yesterday, despite my migraine, I braved a trip through a mass of college students to Target in the hopes the store might have one of the skeletons.

Reader. They had both.

I am the happy owner of both a shark and crocodile skeleton! These two babies are adorable and have so much articulation. The jaws work on both. The crocodile’s head swivels and the tail can be positioned any way you want. And the shark has three points of articulation down its tail to make it look like it’s about to attack.

If you like either, RUN to your Target because I guarantee they won’t be there for long.

If you’ve been following my new coffee allergy, it’s gotten to the point if I drink a sip of coffee my lips and throat start to burn. The one good thing is it helps me to know if I’m about to consume something that’ll kick my ass. The bad thing is I can’t even cheat a single sip.

But I may have found a solution. Chicory root.

Now I’ve never been a black coffee drinker, so if you have my problem and prefer your coffee as bitter as a cliffhanger series that never finishes, this might not work for you. But doctoring up my cup with some caramel and chocolate, I was blown away by how much it tastes like coffee.

I think I’ve found my solution when I’m not in the mood for tea. That’s the life of serious food allergies, hoping and praying to find an alternative to the verboten food.

Here are some of the solutions I’ve been relying upon. Sadly, I can never have chili again.

Nightshade Allergy Suggestions

Original FoodReplacement
Spicy PeppersHorseradish
Taco SeasoningGinger & Garlic
ChiliBeef Bourguignon
PotatoesSweet Potatoes

If you have a nightshade allergy and want to share your solution recipes with me, please leave it or a link in the comments. I’m always trying to find something new I can actually eat.

4 thoughts on “Skele-Shark Do Do”

  1. Did you ever try the Crio Bru I told you about? I’ve never liked Chicory. My mom used to buy coffee with it, and I didn’t like the flavor. But I LOVE me some Crio! Chocolate-y goodness in a cup! New flavors for fall include maple (one son tells me it’s the best yet,) and pumpkin spice. I was able to score some of the limited edition Amaretto, and that’s my current fave.

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    1. I got a bag of that brewable cocoa you recommended in the mocha form. My body’s finally getting out of allergy hell, but I’ll still have the occasional flare up, so I’ve only had it a few times, but I like it. It’s very chocolatey.

      My coffee allergy has finally been the kick I needed to try the local bubble tea place. I’ve already had both a caramel oolong and pumpkin. Now I just need an apple and I’ll be in heaven.


      1. And see, we all have our health issues. I haven’t been able to drink tea of any kind for 30 years. My stomach won’t allow it–too much tannins, which is the same reason I had to give up red wine. I’ve read about bubble tea, but have no idea what it is. But then I’ve also heard of chai, but once again, tea of any color, even green and white, pains me too much. Coffee was okay until recently. So now I’m enjoying my Crio Bru hot in the morning, and with soda or carbonated water the rest of the day.


      2. Oh, and those two new skeletons are totally cool! I just hope the schmuck that ruined your last holiday, stays away this year. Maybe put an electric fence around the yard, so if he (and it’s almost always a he) tries to help himself again this year, he gets a shocking surprise! LOL.


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