First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from A Reluctant Attraction, Handymen 3 by Rosanna Leo

He was looking for an escape. In her, he found his home.

She pulled a face. “I’m sorry. That was meant to be internal monologue. Ugh. I’m not very good at this.”

“Oh, yeah?” Nick chuckled. “What’s this, exactly?”

“You know.”

“I’m not sure I know. I might need you to spell it out.” He drew closer, so close her perfume teased him with its sweetness.

She swallowed. “Chatting up wet men.”

Another step closer. “I only see one man here.”

“You, then,” Claire said on a breath. “I’ve been trying to chat you up all night, and failing miserably.”

“Ah. I should probably let you know you haven’t been failing at all. You have all my attention.”

Her sparkly lips formed an ‘O,’ although no sound emerged.

“If all it took was a glass of water, Claire, I would have drenched myself some time ago.” He reached for her hand, softly stroking. She didn’t pull away. If anything, she leaned in. It might have been by a fraction of an inch, but it was enough to make her feelings known. “Can I kiss you?”

Her brown eyes went black, her pupils completely dilated. “Yes.”

So Nick did. Wet shirt and all.

He gently cupped the back of her head, loving the feel of her hair in his fingers, and brought her close. Her lips were soft and tasted of coconut, probably from her lip gloss. Tempted beyond belief, Nick flicked his tongue against her full bottom lip, aching for a real taste.

Claire sighed and sagged against him, her body yielding. As she made another cute little noise of anticipation, she opened to him. Their tongues touched, seeking, probing. Discovering.

When she dug both of her hands in his hair, Nick almost shouted with joy. Her breath became his, and his hers. Everything about her felt so right, even the way her cute nose knocked against his own. Her skin was like silk. He wanted to slide his body against hers and find out how soft she was in other places.

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