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Steamy Saturday — A Coven Foursome

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

🌶️ Pleasing Demon
🌶️ Possessive Werewolf
🌶️ Dominant Ghost

Cal greeted Ink with mild surprise, when he turned and found me nearly naked, my legs spread, panties drenched, and hands rubbing my breasts. The box fell to the ground and I jumped at a growl rolling in his throat.

“Full moon,” Ink said just as Cal leaped forward like a man possessed. He wrapped his arms tight around me, hefting me off the stairs. It ripped Daniel free, leaving me completely at my werewolf’s mercy. From the fire in his eyes, I expected him to throw me over the banister and fuck me hard.

But he carried me like a bride up the stairs. I clung to his neck, his flexing biceps pressing into me as we rose. At the top, he turned to stare down at the two left behind. “Are you coming?”

My incubus smirked before he blinked out of existence. Cal carried me down the sloping hallway of his house toward a sudden light flickering in his bedroom. Without pause, he kicked on the door and we both gasped. Rose petals covered the flannel quilt and trailed onto the floor. Enough candles for an eighties music video filled every open space on his furniture. Standing in the middle, slowly bringing a flame from the tip of his finger to the last wick, was Ink.

“A lady’s first night in her new boudoir requires proper ambience.”

“I’m…” I pulled myself up to look in Cal’s eyes. “I wasn’t certain if you’d want me to—.”

“If you think you’ll be sleeping in any bed but mine…” He tossed me onto the bed, which cradled me in. Cal pulled off his T-shirt by the back of the neck while his eyes blazed. Slamming one knee to the bed, he crawled over me. “You’re wrong.”

I reached up for him, when cold hands swept inside of mine. They were tugged back, taking me with, until I stared at Daniel resting on the pillows behind me. Ink sat on the bed beside me, his trousers unbuttoned and the zipper beginning to fall. The demon who never did underwear slid closer, exposing his throbbing crown. He caught my chin and kissed me while Daniel pinned my hands above my head.

Ink trailed his touch across my breast until he wedged a knee below the small of my back. Rough fingers latched onto the hips of my panties and I tried to sit up just as Cal shredded them into pieces. In just his tight-ass jeans, he drew his nose from my belly button straight down. Ink shoved me higher, and Daniel pulled my hands until they pressed against the headboard.

With me strained to the breaking point, Cal dug his fingers under my ass and into my hips, then he sucked hard on my labia. God! I tried to thrust against him, my body at a boil from Ink’s touch. But Daniel held me tight as he gazed down at the wolf eating me out. My demon was gentler than both, tenderly sweeping his palms across my fallen breasts, then pushing my hair from my face. I tried to reach up to kiss him, but he leaned back.


He circled the tip of his finger around my ear as he said, “We want to hear you.”

“Oh god!”

Cal’s hungry licking around the whole of me turned into a low growl. It bounced against my vulva, causing a second slower vibration that drove me mad. He flung himself back onto his knees and kept licking me even as he struggled to unbutton his jeans. Ink drew his palm against my inner thigh, his light touch causing my skin to shiver, before Cal’s two-day stubble scratched against it. My incubus strained my leg further as Daniel bent closer.

I stared into his luminous eyes as he whispered so a faint breeze caressed my forehead. “You’ve never looked hotter. Ride his tongue, thrust harder. Take all you want as you deserve far more.”

Cal whimpered against me, his tongue tapping against my clit before he pulled back. Concern struck me first, until I realized he was crying out in need from sucking on me. Moaning, he licked deeper while toying with the tip of his cock protruding from his jeans.

“Shall we liven up the festivities with a bit of the old gladiatorial spearing?” Ink asked. Everyone stopped and stared at him. “What? That has fallen out of fashion? Shame. I refer, of course, to…”

Ink drew the flat of his palm down the curve of my back until he slipped a finger straight to my back door. A flitter of pleasure tingled from his touch and I wanted more.


Cal looked up only a moment and waved in the general direction of his nightstand. It took Ink but a moment to procure a mega bottle of lube. “Do not worry, my bond. I am as gentle as the sunrise, until you do not wish me to be.”

He pushed my back up higher and I thought it’d cause my ass to sink into the bed, but Ink’s finger was there before I knew it. Fuck me! The slippery glide of his touch set off a shiver clear down to my toes.

Carefully, Ink dipped the tip of his finger in just as Cal did the same with his. Pierced in both holes by two men, my body sparked with unholy fire. I struggled to breathe, Ink playfully pinching my nipple as Cal sucked hard on my clit.

I tried to shift for Cal’s tongue and also Ink’s finger. The swinging of my hips back and forth was just enough to strike the match. My entire body trembled from my big toe to my eyebrows as the orgasm swept over me. Cal clenched my thighs tight to his cheeks, his tongue pressing against my clit so I could ride it out.

Ink brushed his knuckle over my anus, guiding the orgasm deeper. I tossed my head back and cried out as Daniel gasped in a pleasure he could no longer feel. He dropped my hand and brushed my thumb against my lip.

I’d never felt so wrecked, and I needed more. It was Ink who read the thought first, his demonic chuckle brushing against my cheek. Cal caught on quick too, a sly smile rising as he finally tugged off his pants to reveal his mega-cock was ready for duty. I wanted all three inside me at once, I just wasn’t sure how to go about doing it.

“Do not worry your perfect brow so.” Ink kissed me on the lips, his body stripped in the way only an incubus could. He guided a hand under my back and, with no strain, hefted me on top of him. As I came crashing down on his chest, then his hips, his cock wedged into my butt crack and the glide of its lubed crown set off another wave.

“What if I crush you?” I asked even as I gave in to his hands plying at my breasts.
Ink’s hot breath bounced against my cheek. “I would be mightily impressed. Would you be so kind, my good wolf?”

The two shared a look as if they’d coordinated this plan before. The idea of the two of them talking about how to best fuck me… I was going to come from that image alone.


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