Mortal Guardian by Tia Didmon

A Descendant. A Pact. A Guardian. When a traitor reveals the reapers are turning humans at an alarming rate, and Riley’s blood is the key, a family secret is revealed that threatens her life and sanctuary within the clan. The reapers join forces with the demons in exchange for immortality, but their pact includes experimenting on humans and shadow shifters alike. After Riley’s attempt to save an innocent results in Colton being infected with demon blood, he begins a transition into something she doesn’t recognize. When the demon’s plan is revealed and Riley’s trust is betrayed. Will Riley kill the man she loves in order to save humanity or accept her fate and become the demon king’s puppet? Find out what hides in the shadows by reading MORTAL GUARDIAN, the Paranormal Romance Series readers are comparing to Christine Feehan and Patricia Briggs. One click MORTAL GUARDIAN and continue your paranormal adventure today!

Mortal Guardian

Give us the one to two sentence tagline for your book.

A Descendant. A Pact. A Guardian.

What is your favorite scene/moment in your book?

When the person she thought she saved transforms into a demon.

What costume would your heroine wear to a halloween party?

Riley would wear an Angel costume as her father is a priest.

What scene did you adore writing in this book?

The scene between Riley and the demon king

Is this book a spooky/scary PNR, or a cozy/snuggling with a monster PNR?

PNR romance

What is your favorite monster to write?


If you had to pick, would you rather have fangs, claws, or wings?

Wings – I love writing about dragons too!

Halloween’s coming. Do you do anything special to celebrate?

I have three kids so we decorate the front entrance with spooky light up pumpkins, moving bats and flickering candles. out side we make a graveyard in the grass.

Mortal Guardian

Leah’s eyes widened as she arched off the bed. “The rooms going dark. Am I going blind?”

Riley wrapped her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. “You’re seeing the shadows. This is our world, the way we travel the pathways.”

Leah relaxed into the bed. “My insides feel like someone’s taking a blowtorch to them.”

“That sounds about right. By the end of my transition, I prayed for death. I wish there was something I could do to help you,” Riley said.

“You’re doing it. The sound of your voice is soothing. It reminds me of my sister.” She groaned. “If I don’t make it, Riley. Promise me you’ll protect my sister. She’s all my parents have left.”

Riley leaned towards Leah. “I promise, but your strong. You will make it through this.”
The slight hum included Ferguson’s arrival. He coalesced so quickly; it was like a magician performing a trick. He moved to the side of the bed, looking over Leah. “When did this happen?”

Riley glanced up at him, but her heart stuttered when she saw his eyes. There was no mistaking what Ferguson believed would happen. “An hour ago, but the scratch was so small, we…”

“The size of the wound is irrelevant. Once the venom hits a human’s blood, it’s over.”
Riley clutched the bedspread with one hand. “Deruthel told her it was too late. He knew he’d scratched her. He did it on purpose.”

Ferguson’s gaze remained locked on Leah’s twitching form. “Yes.”

Riley stood, moving around the bed to Ferguson’s side. “You look worried, and I get the impression that’s rare.”

“I don’t want you to get your hopes up.”

“Leah has priestess blood. The same as me and Dannika.”

Ferguson shook his head. “It’s not the same as you and your sister, and you weren’t infected by a demon general.”

Riley glanced at Leah. “His venom is stronger?”

Ferguson glanced at Colton. “You already know that. If an alpha shadow cannot heal with Deruthel’s blood in his veins, then you have to understand the consequences of this transition.”

“What are you saying?”

“The demon in her is too strong,” Ferguson said.

Tia Didmon

Tia Didmon is a USA Today bestselling author of provocative paranormal romance. When Tia isn’t busy writing about sexy shifters and dreamy demons, she spends her time binge watching The Order and reruns of The Vampire Diaries, cooking with her daughter, and serving her cat. Her love of writing stems from a self-diagnosed book addiction.
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