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Steamy Saturday — Autumn Fae

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Hot Fae Prince
🌶️ Behind A Waterfall
🌶️ Talented Tongue

Gravity grabbed me, this time yanking my skirt up. The spider silks fluttered around my face, doing nothing to slow my fall. But Scott snatched me fast from a wet plunge. One hand wrapped around my back while the other…cuddled under my ass. My bare ass because fairies didn’t seem to do underwear. 

He realized what he held as a gleam rose in his eye and he licked the edge of his mouth. I was about to lean forward and kiss it off when cold water struck my back. Yelping, I tried to cling tighter to escape but more of the shower pelted my head and Scott’s. As it struck his wings, they faded to a soft glow but I needn’t worry about us falling.

We emerged in a rocky outcropping hidden behind a blustering waterfall. The loud roar of a river tipping into a lake bounded through me, my eyes gawping as I stared at the silver streaks leaping down the cliff. Scott released his hold on me, my knees stumbling to hit the ground. I blindly hunted for a wall and ceiling in the pitch dark, when a soft red light grew from the middle of our refuge.

It wasn’t a fire, there was no wood to catch. But flames flickered inside a small globe floating above our heads. Scott drew his hand away and shrugged. “A little illumination for our…” He paused in his thoughts as his eyes swerved down my soaked skin. The dress’ skirts were plastered to my legs, the bodice slipping from all of my leaping in the air. I felt the slap of my wet hair against my naked back and a shiver rose.

“You are cold,” he pronounced, easing closer on his knees. Scott’s palm cupped to my shoulder first. I expected the same vigorous rubbing as before, but he pulled me to him. His right hand dipped down my legs, yanking the skirts up until he drew his palm across my goosebumps. 

In a flash, he grabbed my ass, kneading into the cheek while pressing his chest to mine. “That won’t do at all,” he said and plunged his lips to mine. As his tongue plied my mouth open, the taste of apple brandy filling my senses, he worried his hands over my thighs. The soaking wet skirts raised higher and stuck to the bodice to reveal my pussy to the chilly autumn night.

Before a single breeze could strike it, he curled his palm over me and dipped a finger in. From that single touch, heat rampaged through me, Scott cooing his thumb in a steady circle over my clit’s hood. God! I began to rock my hips, matching his tantalizing touch.

His hot kiss withdrew causing me to blink in surprise. We locked eye to eye even as he continued to thrust his finger into me. “For fairies it…it requires a lot of trust to get on one’s back with another,” he said. 

Okay? Interesting, but what does that have to do with you finger banging me?

He slipped his fingers from me, dragging my arousal across the crease of my thighs. A whimper rolled up my throat when his nails dug in. Scott pulled me to walk forward on my knees while he slipped to his back.

I barely made it to his neck before he slapped his palms to my ass and dove for my pussy. His tongue swept along my lips, toying with them in a gentle circle while he kneaded into my buttocks. My body tingled as he slicked his tongue right over the top of my clit. He used only the tip, the barest point nudging into me, when both of his thumbs curled down and pulled me further apart.

“Holy fuck!” I cried, collapsing onto his face. Hot lips suckered mine and Scott rolled his tongue into and out of me. Coated in my aching arousal, he lapped up my clit and got to work. The languid tongue flashed like lightning, each rapid tap sending me gasping and crying for more. My breath panted in my chest, straining my breasts against the tight bodice.

What if I ripped it while getting eaten out by their prince? How would that one play out in court?

Fuck. My brain couldn’t focus on that, couldn’t focus on anything but the tongue slurping away at me. I reached out, ruffling through his hair. As the golden waves rolled through my fingers, I grabbed on and tugged. 

Scott shivered below me, his hips bucking. I moved to match, shimmying with his delectable tongue stroking. He slipped his tongue higher, taking the sweet nectar away when his thumb plunged inside of me.

“Oh, God!” I gasped, grinding back and forward to feel both. To lose myself to the pleasure thrusting inside and licking outside me. 

Suddenly, his lips latched around my clit and he began to suck hard. My body overran with a pulse-pounding heat, sweat chasing away every last cold water drop as I shook above him. Yes, yes! I pulled on his hair, positioning his lips suctioning around me, his tongue dancing on my clit.

“Shit!” A scream launched free as my orgasm zapped through me. I felt myself tumbling back, all control of my muscles drained as a typhoon of pleasure chased away the ache between my legs. Scott caught me, holding me still upright over him. 
As he slid out, I watched the smile that’d sucked me off rise. “You taste even better than before,” he said.

I latched onto his vest, tugging the buttons apart one by one, then undoing the long ties on his shirt below. Scott shrugged off his vest, no doubt inlaid with real gold thread, and let it fall to the wet ground. He placed a hand across his shirt, the sculpted outline of his pecs visible through the low neckline. But I moved to his pants.

A gasp escaped me as I slid my palm along fabric softer than silk. Scott scooped a hand along my waist. His teeth nipped at my ear, and he whispered, “If you like my hip, wait until you touch here.” He guided my hand to his cock practically piercing through the buttery fabric. Slowly, I curled each finger along his length, my heart savoring in the pant slipping from his lips.

“It’s nice,” I said, slicking his pants against his cock and watching him shiver. Drifting my lips across his cheek, my trail of kisses ended as I lapped up his earlobe and whispered, “But I prefer skin to skin.”

Scott yanked his pants down and I reached for his remaining blouse. Hard hands caught my wrists before I could touch him. His eyes glowed brighter, the brown a burning amber as he hoisted me up by my arms. Tugging me forward by that tether, I inched along his body, no choice but to obey. When I straddled directly above his crotch, he released me.

Warm arms wrapped around my chest, his hands threading across my naked shoulders as he pushed me lower. At the same time, he thrust his hips up. I stumbled to a knee, taking the full breadth of him in one push.

My gasp of shock sputtered across his face. Scott pushed my hair back behind my ears and cupped my cheeks. Staring eye to eye, he began to thrust. 

“Fuck,” I moaned, my body still humming from his previous hard work. Thumbs pressed under my cheekbones, drawing me to stare in surprise.

“Please, don’t look away. Don’t close your eyes,” he pleaded. We were nearly nose to nose, the sweat of my breasts slipping off onto him, but he didn’t want me to look away. A terrifying shiver curled through me at the rampaging intimacy. At how he tenderly combed my hair with his fingers while pounding a slow rhythm through me.


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