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Steamy Saturday — Fang Fun

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

This steamy Saturday comes from my FREE PNR story where a werewolf has to take care of her sick vampire boyfriend.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Vampire MMC
🌶️ Werewolf FMC
🌶️ Dominant Fem

“You have no power over me, night stalker,” I declared, keeping my gaze level. But my body betrayed my words, my hips swaying in ecstasy as he caressed my ass. 

Khalid released my chin, knowing he needn’t hold it any longer. The long fingers took a single solitary step, one by one, down my throat, into the hollow at the base, and swept across the tops of my breasts. When the edge of his lips lifted in a snicker, he said, “And you have me in your sway, moon howler.”

I lunged forward, taking his lips in a kiss of pure power. The edge of his fang nicked against my skin. A roar rumbled in my chest at the touch and Khalid drew the second fang’s point directly into my bottom lip. 

On instinct, I raised up on all fours, my hands pressing into the mattress while the vampire stared heavenward at me. “Is it to be a fang off?” I asked, licking along my flat teeth.

He chuckled. “Isn’t it weeks until your—?” Khalid’s answer snapped away as I plunged my still human teeth to his neck. The vampire used to doing the biting hardened to stone below me. I felt his thighs, thick and meaty, flex beside my knees. He pushed my legs further apart, sending my soaking panties crashing right on top of him.

The throbbing erection that met me caused me to sputter a laugh against his impossible-to-pierce throat. One nice thing about dating vampire boys, due to their sluggish blood pressure it could take them nearly as long as me to get their bodies ‘in the mood’ meaning foreplay was always a must. But for Khalid to be ready to pierce straight to my heart this second…?

“Were you up to something other than resting and recuperating?” I asked even as I glided my wet lips hidden behind a single pair of cotton panties against his cock. My skin burned hotter, the beast inside panting for more. Luckily, I had Khalid to cool the storm with his touch, even as he gripped to my hips to increase my grinding.

“What else could a man do to pass the time while trapped in a bed?” 

I opened my mouth, prepared to tell him it was his duty to heal when he slipped two fingers inside of me. Bliss shivered through my core, causing me to bury my face in his hair. He smelled of Turkish incense and rich amber. I pulled in another breath, filling my being with his scent. Not of what he wore, or where he was, but him. 

And how he’d been slowly coaxing his cock to life for hours.

I raised my head in surprise just as his fiery eyes met mine. “I was waiting for you,” he said, and he kissed me.

No more teasing. The beast inside needed his touch. Extending my hand, claws sharp as razors erupted from my human fingers. I slashed at his nightgown, shredding the old linen to tatters. The pale, luminous skin below didn’t even dent at my attack. Though, Khalid rose up on his elbows to watch.

“A lucky thing I’m not mortal, or…”

“No more talking,” I growled and flung him back to bed.

Khalid lifted a single thin eyebrow as if he’d been training to do it for centuries. My beast paced in its cage, the impatience casting ripples along my skin. Extending his finger, Khalid caught his long nail on the dip of my v-neck t-shirt. I watched him smirk and, in an instant, my shirt fell away. The entire length of it was torn through before I could blink.

Wafting his hands across my stomach, Khalid drew his deadly finger up to…

“Not the bra! It’s my good one,” I said.

He shrugged and, with his vampire reflexes, undid both the hooks and straps. I rested above him as my bra tumbled off my body, leaving only the tattered remains of my shirt brushing against my breasts.

Those slick, predatory eyes watched my being left out of breath, my gaze unable to follow as Khalid swept his hands just below the part of me he worked so hard to free. Back and forth, his fingertips caressed the top of my ribs, dipping just under my breasts. 


I grabbed his hands and pressed both palms right to my breasts. A laugh at my force rose from my victim, but Khalid’s chuckle burst into a moan. Shredding my panties along with the rest of my clothing, I thrust myself onto him. 

“Fuck!” I screamed, my head tossed back. The cold steel of his cock reverberated through me, but my beast wouldn’t be undone. Heat piped up my core, spreading across my loins and into him. Sweat dripped down my inner thighs, beaded upon my chest, and a fire blazed inside of me.

“I’m going to make you howl,” he swore, his fingers corkscrewing my nipples and setting off my panting. I could feel my tongue trying to loll out of my mouth, but I kept a tight fix on it. 

“You.” I sputtered, thrusting myself onto Khalid. “First.” My inner core, trained and enhanced with the blood of the first wolf walkers, squeezed the vampire tight. Tighter than anything he could find in the mortal realm.

Khalid shifted, the first sign of struggle rising in his cold visage. His fangs parted, a sigh escaping as he rolled his eyes back. The hands that’d been playing my nipples slapped to my ass. Suddenly, I lifted into the air.

My knees left the bed as Khalid bucked his spine into an arc. His hips levitated with me on them while he dug his head and feet into the bed. I struggled to slot my legs around him to keep from falling off when the vampire held me in place.


The wolf inside snarled. He was trying to drag it out. 

To increase our pleasure. 

Too much time. Now.

Bundling my ankles under him, I locked both right into his ass. Nearly as rock hard as his cock, I used almost all of my strength to dig into his buttocks with the heels. 
Tipping my hips, I leaned back and took control. 

A string of ancient languages fluttered from Khalid’s lips. He lost his grip on me, his hands falling from my hips. Both fists locked around the headboard, clinging to it for life as I ramped up the thrusting.


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