First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from Howl: Sin City Wolf by January Bain

Never run from a wolf!

He cocked a dark slash of an eyebrow and moved in toward me, then took my face in his hands, lowering his mouth to mine. His breath, fragrant with the tantalizing scent of cinnamon, washed over me, the heat caressing my skin. I stood frozen in place. Never had I wanted a man to kiss me more.

“I want to kiss you. All over. What do you say, la mia bella donna?”

“Don’t call me that.” But my words lacked conviction. Being called a beautiful woman in Italian didn’t exactly suck. I was so turned on that my knees turned to water. I managed to lay one ground rule. “Just one kiss. Not all over. Then we’ll decide.”

“But where do you want that first kiss? Here?” He touched my forehead with fingers that soothed. “Here?” He caressed my cheek with surprising tenderness. “Or here?” He slipped his hand down to my right breast and set it on fire, instantly heavy and swollen with need, the nipple tight and pleading to be chosen. Its twin followed suit, begging for the same attention.

I wanted to fight and I wanted to surrender. My common sense had abandoned me.
“On the lips, Wolfie.” How had I managed the sass? A red warning light winked in the outer corners of my vision—beware, entering dangerous territory.

He lowered his mouth to mine.

He took.


Owned me.

I clutched at his jacket and drew him closer still, right up against my body. I breathed short bursts of air through my nose while he dived his tongue into my mouth and swept it against mine, over and over in a lustful battle of decadence and despair. It was the perfect marriage of suction and pressure, our mouths busy teaching each other. I squirmed from the sensation, rubbing my thighs restlessly against his hard length as I crashed against the hotel door. He held my head in place, giving me what he wanted and what I didn’t know I needed. So. Damn. Much.