Halloween Countdown Giveaway: Day 13

An Alien invites you to win a paperback copy of Wolves of Sorrow: Izabel (Book 3) and a DNA pendant necklace

Izabel Canavar has a plan.

Learn the Rifaniir’s medical technology. Integrate that technology into her pack’s emergency first aid training. Leave behind the elders and the secrets they forced upon her on Sorrow.

But everything changes when a dance in a rainstorm brings her face to face with Ranoch Til, the Rifaniir Security Director assigned to the wolf community. Broad and ruggedly handsome, Ranoch’s protective strength soothes her healer’s heart while his scent captivates her wolf.

When flirtation turns to slow, deep kisses, Izabel dares to dream of a future with her director. But the intrigues aboard the Kaleidoscope continue to ripple throughout Korlyn’s Glen. With the deaths of the traitors, protests morph into violence and Ranoch and Izabel are caught in the middle.

As they battle to save the victims of the latest attack, the first hints of a deeper plot emerge and bring with them the secret Izabel fought to leave in Sorrow. Now she must face her past if she’s to make her place in this new world and claim a Rifaniir mate of her own.

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