First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from Hazard Play by Janis McCurry

A bounty hunter hires a nurse to care
for a sick bail jumper who’s hiding
in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

“You’re on.” She tilted her head back and smiled again. They were inches away from one another and she liked it. “I look forward to working with you, sir.” Tess saluted him and waited for his next move.

Bailey closed the space between them, wrapping his arm around her waist and pausing for a moment before his lips came down on hers. The brand of his kiss shot fire through her veins.

The primal joining of breath and passion jolted. Set her aflame. Equal to it, she matched his heat. She demanded and gained access to his mouth, her tongue dueling with his as she sought satisfaction.

Tess was determined not to back away. As long as she didn’t fall for the guy, she’d go all in. An appropriate strategy given their gambling destination. She ignored the voice inside her said that she might be getting in too deep.