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Steamy Saturday—Ghost Touch

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

This excerpt from Whisper involves the first time Layla explores what Daniel can do to her body despite him being a noncorporeal ghost.

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🌶️ Sweet Words

The kiss of a ghost wasn’t enough. I wanted more. “Daniel?” I got his attention and picked up the hem of my sweater. “Can you help?” He brought my other hand to the opposite side and together we worked it off. It was weird, like my whole hand had fallen asleep even though I could still feel it. But after tugging the trapped hair out and tossing my sweater aside, I could enjoy Daniel staring at me in wonder.

He clasped my hand to my chest like I was about to say the pledge of allegiance. My thumb kept drifting in a circle, finding its way under my bra, then back out. A nervous laugh broke from the man who’d had to abstain from touching a woman for thirty years. Pulling in a deep breath, I strained my chest and pressed my breast into my hand.

The uncertain chuckle became a gruff grunt and Daniel dove my fingers straight to my nipple. His gentle sweeping against the sensitive skin hardened my nip to a full point. I squirmed on my thighs, thrusting my chest out farther.

Daniel’s mouth hung open in awe. I stared at the lips I couldn’t kiss and he licked what was beyond me. “Should I—?”

“Keep going,” I interrupted. My panties hadn’t been this soaked from some second-base action since I had met Ink.

“Then, may I have your other hand?” he asked, holding his out like a gentleman about to sweep me off into a waltz. Smiling, I placed my palm above his. Daniel swung a leg over me to sit in my lap while his arm sunk into mine. For a moment, my fingers hung in the air, only the ring finger twitching as it learned about this new connection.

But he quickly gained control, sweeping my finger over my lips in his kiss while my other hand pinched tighter to my nipple. Every yelp I gave, Daniel would dot the tip of my finger over my tongue, then caress out to circle my mouth. It buzzed with an insatiable heat I’d never felt before.

I tried to chase my own finger, but Daniel pulled both hands away and reached behind my back. His nose crinkled and the awe quickly became consternation. He even stuck his tongue out and grunted before the bra band gave way. “This is much easier with my hands,” he said, using mine to pull away the underwire trap.

At the full reveal, Daniel groaned. “‘So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see. So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.’”

“What?” The words sounded familiar but my melting brain didn’t stand a chance.

“It means…you’re fucking beautiful and I’m losing my mind being able to touch them.” He swept one of my palms down the side of my breast. “To touch you.” Daniel curved my hands under my breasts, then began to knead.

He crooked the whole of my thumbs around my nipples and pinched them tight against my index finger. A yelp rose, but Daniel stared me dead in the eye. “Test yourself. I know the pleasure you find in pain. Dive for more.”

Steadying my breath, I swallowed the cry. He pinched twice as hard and I lost all sense. Tossing my head back, my attempts to strangle the cry became a lone wail, but a wave of immense pleasure swept through me. Gently, Daniel trailed my fingers off my nipples and supported my breasts. The lone crack of wind stung against my flaming nips, but every breath was another strum of pleasure down a still-ringing power chord.

“That was…” My words, my voice, my mind sputtered. I wanted to shout from the hills how amazing that felt, but Daniel had his head quirked to the side.

I stared down at my lap with a ghost straddling it. My thighs were still clenched, trying to grind whatever pleasure it could to my clit. Why not keep going?

“Daniel, could you stand up?” I asked in a calm voice.

He nodded, not only retreating from my lap, but out of my arms as well. When he stood, so did I. Daniel began to drift away, but I leaned so close my lips could brush his ear. “I need you in my bed.”

I kept waiting for the strangeness of the situation to hit me over the head. Even while trying to sashay to the bedroom alone, because my partner couldn’t touch me, it didn’t feel weird. Different, oh hell yes, but that extra challenge made me all the more curious what Daniel could do to me—with me.

Bouncing open the door with my ass, I walked backward into my bedroom while staring into his eyes. Straining my fingers for him, Daniel skirted the tips of his against mine. He didn’t take control, only coolness tingling up my skin.

“What should I do?” I asked, stuck against my bed with no idea how to fuck a ghost.
A little chuckle slipped from Daniel and he brushed back his hair. It didn’t work well, the blue tumbling over his eyes as he said, “Take off your pants.”

“You don’t…” Even as I wondered why he left it to me, I unbuttoned my jeans and wiggled out of them. Daniel floated behind, causing the ‘I could be imagining all of this’ feeling to creep back into my mind. Taking a deep breath, I hooked onto my panties when a hand slipped inside of mine.

“Wait.” His voice was strained and breathy, causing me to shake. Daniel took control over my right hand. With it, he swept my palm over my hips. It’d been a while since I had any time to myself, what with an eternally horny incubus living on my couch. Daniel took his time tracing the curve of my hip down into the dip where it then rose to make my belly. For the first time in years, I shivered at the touch of my own body.

My finger slipped below my panties and I bit my lip. He tenderly stroked what he found, playing through the dark curls while I lost myself. “When I first met you, it was the sun piercing through a decade of clouds.”

He dipped my finger right through the start of the cleft and I yelped. Staggering on my toes, I tried to guide my own finger to reach my clit, but Daniel held. “I couldn’t cease thinking of you, the touch of your fingers, the silkiness of your kiss, the taste of your being.”

“Oh, fuck!”

Daniel swept my finger over my clit. The small pulses of before swirled in pirouettes down through my throbbing lips and back up. I nearly gasped at the heat and lubrication waiting for me.

“Layla, my knight in a pointy hat.” He pushed the whole of my hand down my panties and spread the thumb and finger wide. It opened my thighs and Daniel plunged two of my fingers inside. “Bend to me.”

Cold snapped against the back of my legs and they began to move. Daniel lifted me onto the bed. He remained behind, his touch only inside my arm and legs. But as I bent to my knees, my thighs straddling wide, he retracted from them and took my other hand instead.

“These seem unnecessary now.” With my hands, Daniel took my panties and tugged them down my thighs. They stopped at my knees and I began to shift my legs together to compensate, when he pushed them apart.

A groan at the force slipped from my tongue. I could barely keep upright, my balance straining and body about to tumble. But Daniel slipped my finger back to my clit and ran my other hand up my breast. I fought like hell to keep enraptured in that pleasure.

“Your smile gave me a reason to live through this death. Your laugh was an angel’s song. And your body, the mere trace of it outlined against pulling cotton and tweed nearly sent me raving. Now…”

His voice drifted away and my hand abandoned my breast for my nightstand. He ran my palm over bottles, metal, leather, and finally found silicon. Clamping to it, Daniel brought one of my older toys to my face.

“A poor substitute for what I once had,” he said, twirling the bottom of the toy one-handed. The pink head began to vibrate and I gulped. “But…” Daniel drew the trembling toy up my leg. “It’ll do in a pinch.”


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