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You Are the FMC in this FREE Book!

No Tricks, Only Treats

To celebrate Halloween, I’ve got an interactive Why Choose novel where you are the heroine. You get to decide what happens, where you go, who you romance, and how you enjoy steamy times with the paranormal guys haunting Monster Manor.

Numerous paths snake off of Monster Manor where you are the one to decide if you go for the himbo werewolf, the debonair ghost, the bookish vampire, or all three!

You might remember this book from my Interactive Halloween adventure from 2020. Now it’s in book form and better than ever because…

Nine Different Sex Scenes

You read that right. I went back and added nine steamy scenes to the book, two for each guy, then three varying ones for the threesome. Each one varies in position, location, kink, and control.

Can you find them all?

You smirk, revealing your new fangs to him. “Later, we fill those books with our combined knowledge.”

“And now?” the vampire asks.

With your new strength, you rip open his shirt, revealing a chest that’d braved deadly swamps and fought off grizzly bears. “Tonight,” you say, tugging Orpheus’ head to the side. “We fuck.” You sink your fangs in, delighting in the whimpers of arousal from the man at your command.

His fingers press to your sides, nails shredding your shirt as he moans from your touch. You nibble up his jaw, more careful with the pressure, and scrape your nails down his bare chest. Orpheus cries out, and you push him backward, smacking into a shelf. Books tumble through the air, landing below your floating feet.

“The peacock has a most resplendent mating plumage,” Orpheus sputters between caught breaths.

Rising, you curl a finger under his chin and gaze into his wide eyes. “What about you?”

“Come again?” he gulps.

Dragging your fingers down his lean chest, you ask, “What’s your plumage look like?” Cupping your palm, you skip past the belt and fondle the bulge below.

Orpheus gulps and mutters in Latin as his cock pulses in your palm. Pressing tighter, you circle your lips around his ear. You jerk your hand up his erection, drinking in his reaction.

“The birds of the Andes, they will create the most beautiful call to entice their mates.”

Smirking, you reach for the strap of belt leather and tug it from the loop. “And what sounds do you make?”

“My…” He keeps sputtering, the aristocratic airs blown to smithereens as you pop open the buttons down his fly. “There is a fact, a matter of my personal being that may be of interest.”

If it’s the state of vampire wang, you’re about to find out. A single button strains to keep his bowing trousers up. You reach to undo it, sweeping your fingers around his cock as you go. A hint of pale, cool skin with blue veins pulsing in agony glances against your pinkie.

“I have never lain with a woman!” Orpheus cries out.

You jerk back in surprise and stare at him. “But you’re a famous—”

He catches the side of his trousers and purses his lips. “Fame is in the eye of the beholder. Books can be enjoyed without a thought given to the creator. My time was spent away from civilization. Dark jungles and treacherous mountains are hardly the destinations to woo the fairer sex.”

“You mean you’ve been trapped here for centuries as a vi—”

“It is not for want of trying!” Orpheus thunders. Shaking, he reaches a hand to smooth back his hair, but he trembles so it dislodges the once tended locks. “I have studied extensively, lost myself to the florid prose of passionate men as they succumb to the wiles of succubi and sirens.”

Catching his hand, you brush your thumb up his wrist, watching him calm. “Maybe it’s time to take those studies into the field, professor,” you say, and cup his hand to your breast.

Orpheus’ lips part, no sound escaping as he curls his hand around. “‘No fruit on the vine grows sweeter, no down of feathers dare be softer. Life everlasting, the breasts do please, and sink a man to his knees.’”

“They tend to come in pairs too,” you say. He’s tender in his touch, tracing a finger down the seam of your bra and molding his palm to your breast.

Orpheus glances at the other one and gulps. “I am ignorant of what to do—a most disquieting feeling. Please…”

Despite his argument, he takes your other breast in his hand. Kneading both, your hardening nipples sweep across his palms. You let out a moan, which he catches on to quickly. Straining through your bra, he brushes the sides of his fingers up and down both nipples. On instinct, you reach for your shirt to pull it off, when Orpheus pauses.

“How should we proceed?”

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