First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from The Vampire and the MD by J.P. Bowie

…A doctor and a vampire collide, literally, and that’s just the beginning.

Daniel moved closer until their bodies touched and he slid a hand behind Blake’s nape. “May I kiss you first?”

“Yes, please.”

The kiss was tender, a mere brushing of lips at first, soft warm flesh on flesh, but the effect made Blake shudder with desire. His lips tingled where they met Daniel’s and it was if they parted of their own volition letting Daniel’s tongue slide in and smoothly glide over his. He raised a hand to the back of Daniel’s head and wound his fingers through the thick fall of soft, burnished hair, holding him in place while he deepened their kiss. Daniel’s moan vibrated through Blake’s entire body and he fell back on the couch pulling Daniel on top of him.

Blake couldn’t remember experiencing a kiss like this one. It was as if Daniel was consuming him, taking him apart, bit by bit, body and soul. It was too much, yet he would have begged for more. It was overwhelming, yet exhilarating, and it seemed that it might last forever, an eternity that he never wanted to end. He ran his hands down the silk-like skin of Daniel’s back and cupped his ass cheeks, grinding his erection against the hard length he could feel pressing into his crotch. Daniel moved his lips to Blake’s throat, a gentle nuzzling at first, his teeth scraping the sensitive skin over Blake’s jugular. Blake tensed in anticipation of the bite he knew was coming. Was he crazy to let Daniel do this? He hadn’t asked about the ramifications of such an act. Maybe he should stop it now. Then Daniel was kissing him again, exploring every corner of his mouth with that clever tongue of his that sent jolting spasms like tiny electric shocks through every nerve ending in Blake’s body—and every objection he had went out the window.

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