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Steamy Saturday —Vammpire

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

BE WARNED! This excerpt contains HUGE spoilers for Fangscreen. Do not read ahead if you haven’t read Fangscreen and still want to be surprised.

🌶️ MM
🌶️ Butt Stuff
🌶️ Neck Biting
🌶️ Vampire Teasing

Every color sharpened until the world pulsed with an energy running the length of my body. The taste of strength and clarity rang in the blood dripping between my teeth and down my throat. I sucked harder, pulling more to the surface of the golden skin. In the heat, the blood washed with the dew of his sweat, so I tasted all of him. The medley of a masculine body sculpted to perfection mixed with the sweet lightness of his being drove straight to my cock.

No longer tugging my hips back to hide it, I pressed my thighs to the back of his and ground against his ass. A soft whimper trembled along the neck below my teeth. “Laiken…?” I whispered, fighting to prove there was sense in the animal at his throat.

Slowly, I swept my palm across his chest. His heart rumbled like a volcano beneath the surging pectorals. I traipsed my fingers against his nipple, which caused Laiken to rise higher. It sent my fangs in deeper, but I kept from drinking. Instead, I pinched the small nub of brown skin. A cry of true pleasure slipped from Laiken which created one in me.

At my response, he ground his ass against me, setting off fireworks. “I must touch you,” I sputtered, my hand flailing across his stomach. I reached for his other nipple, gently rubbing then pinching it to great effect. Every moan from him sent another wave of blood bubbling to the surface. I let it well up, then licked it off with my tongue. My fangs were too much of a danger to him now.

“Your body is like clutching onto lightning. I fear if I let go, I will be vaporized.” I swept my touch across all of him I could reach, his thin hips, the narrow tuck of his waist, and tugged on the skirt. The tops of his thighs hardened to stone, and I ached to sink my fangs there.

“But…” Laiken took my hand before I could do anything stupid. “You haven’t gotten to the best part.”

Just like in my dream, he placed my hand to his cock. It hid below his skirt, the fabric warping to try to capture the enormous length rising from below. Slowly, I curled each finger around him, unable to catch the fullness in my palm. As I drew it up, Laiken cried out in a guttural gasp. Flailing, he tugged on the clasp of his skirt and wrenched the whole of it away…leaving his naked body pressed against me.

I began to tremble. My mind shattered at the enormity of the man with a heavy cock pleading for me to touch him. Laiken strained his neck, causing the veins to pulse. I stared at the twin pricks already closing off without my fangs. Dipping down, I placed the tip of my nose to his skin. Laiken sighed, and I drew my nose across his shoulder until I pressed my lips to his neck.

At that moment, I wrapped my hand around his cock. Laiken moaned and gripped my hair. He smashed my face to his neck, and I indulged him, drawing my tongue up the sinew and muscles, then pressing my hard fangs to the trembling skin.

Laiken began to thrust to match my touch, his buttocks bouncing against my cock in the process. Fire burned in the back of my mind, igniting a long slumbering ache. It pleaded to rip away my clothing, to pierce him with both fang and cock until we cried to the heavens. But when he gave out a soft whimper, I kept my hands stubbornly locked around him, leaving the trouser shackles in place.

“Ja-er-eth.” My name struggled to escape through his panting, stroking my ego as well as I stroked him. “What did I tell you?”

My jerking slowed, though I did sweep my thumb under his cock’s crown causing Laiken to tremble. What had he told me? Did I push him too far? Is he becoming disoriented from the blood loss?

Laiken took my hand that’d been holding his hip. Rather than push it away, he guided my fingertips around the curve of his backside. Just as I was about to delve into the crack, Laiken said with a laugh, “I like butt stuff.”

The merman’s buttocks were as smooth as a mango. I curled around them, pinching as I went. Laiken laughed, but with each playful pinch, I let my fingers slip deeper into his crack. When I rested my palm on his tailbone, I resumed jerking, tugging the hot, pliant skin faster than before.

Laiken rolled his head, bouncing it against mine. I released his cock in order to cup his jaw. Pulling his lips to mine, I plunged my tongue into his mouth just as I swept my fingers down to his pucker. He cried out between my lips, Laiken arching his back to press my finger deeper. The flesh was warm and eager, but the friction worried me.
“Do you have an oil or slick unguent?” I asked.

Bobbing his head in the direction of a shelf, Laiken sputtered, “I’d be a stupid merman if I didn’t.” I hated having to step away, my body roiling as it left the man on the brink, but I knew it was necessary. Tucked away in a box of seashells was a pile of various half-used body oils. No doubt he’d discovered them abandoned on the beach.

“Have you found anything?” Laiken gasped.

I stared up from my work at the adonis mid-coitus. His muscles and sinew bulged below golden kissed skin as if he’d come from wrestling a lion. Laiken clung to his curls, holding his head to try to overcome the raw power of his great dick piercing through the muggy air for more. The hunger bubbled in my stomach, and I raced faster than a blink of an eye to return behind him.

“I have,” I said, extending the jar in front of him. “I believe this concoction called ‘Sun Bum’ should suffice.” The oil left no tingle or stench of chemicals across my fingers, though I did discern that ever-present scent of coconut. With my hand well lubed in an oil of the island, I slipped my fingers up Laiken’s crack.

He cried out and fell against me. At the same moment, my oiled hand found its way back to his cock. I circled his pucker and pumped his cock in tandem, Laiken thrusting to try to match me. His body shivered in my grip, inviting my finger deeper and my hand faster. When I plunged to the first knuckle, Laiken’s sputters of delight drew forth only one need.

I tried to fight it, but his swaying against me invited my hips to thrust with. I crested my cock against his ass, delighting in the tingle it set off through me. Laiken tossed his head back until his curls splattered across my shoulder. Panting hard, his lips red with exertion, he stared wildly at me.

Taking the invitation as one for a kiss, I leaned closer, only for Laiken to frown. “Why are you still in pants?”

“I…I wasn’t certain if…”

“If I’d want a gorgeous vampire’s cock up my ass?”

My hand dropped for my buttons before I paused and wrapped both around him again. I’d never had anyone so vigorous with their wants. It tossed me about. But, slowly, I swept my palm over Laiken’s chest and followed the canals between his abs with my fingertips. While he pressed his head back, I undid the buttons on my trousers. When one finally gave in, I drew the flat of my hand up Laiken’s cock.

He ceased stirring and hardened his stance. A second button pinged free, and I clasped to the base of him. There was no pubic hair to distract from the thick girth of the same golden brown as his freckled shoulders. I bent over and placed my lips to where his collarbone connected. As I kissed closer to his neck, I undid the third button. The head of my cock nearly fell into my hand, the crown aching for relief. I left my pants to fall off of their own accord.

Sweeping my hand up Laiken’s hip while I jerked him off, my kisses trailed closer to where I’d bit him. The wound was already closed and fading to little more than a pinprick, but when I touched it, Laiken moaned from the depths of his chest. His cock bucked in my hands, and mine did the same, pressing itself between his buttocks.
“Laiken?” I whispered his name, spreading his crack apart with my oiled thumb. He groaned and arched closer to me, trying to pull me in. I toyed with him, lightly running my palm over the crown of his cock and circling his anus. It was the rising pulse dancing against the crook of his neck that ensnared me.

Enthralled with every beat of his heart pounding away from the excitement I’d pumped through him, my own body reacted. My cock began to sway in time with his pulse, bouncing between his buttocks. The crown swept across Laiken’s pucker, and he ground himself upon me. Pleasure spiked in my body, each jagged edge leaving me panting even though I didn’t breathe.

“What are you waiting for, Mr. Broody?” Laiken turned to beam his gaze over his shoulder at me. “An invitation?” he asked with a wink.