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Steamy Saturday — Hot Soldier

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

This steamy scene comes from Fever with a virgin hero soldier sneaking off with the company doctor.

🌶️ MF

Mae shrugged her shoulder, the bone nudging into his arm, “Guess we’re just a couple of dorks.”

His infectious smile spread to her lips, Alistair nodding, “Always and forever. Despite any attempts I may make at…” his sweet brown eyes molded around her nearly see-through tank top clinging to a pink bra. A shiver drew up her spine, Mae’s stomach fluttering from the hunger in his gaze.

“Make at…” Alistair repeated, his lips falling slack as if all the words were sucked clean from his brain. He swiveled up to her face, seeming to be lost as he fell silent. Fearing there was a downed eyelash or something else out of place, Mae pierced the water’s surface with her hand. Wet fingers touched against her cheek, then to her lips. What was he looking at? Should she just submerge herself to wash it off?

She was about to duck down when his handsome face began to eclipse the sun. Mae’s heart leapt into her throat at those strawberry pink lips pursing barely an inch away. A breath invigorated her lungs just as Alistair’s mouth glanced upon hers. Sweet Christ, yes!

Mae’s hand erupted from the water, cradling the back of Alistair’s head to pull his kiss from polite peck to ravenous hunger. Slipping out from between her lips, Mae’s tongue lightly lapped up his pert bottom lip. It grazed her teeth for a second, Alistair gasping in surprise. She wanted to taste him, roll her tongue with his, but his eyes shot open and he staggered back.

“That wasn’t…I shouldn’t have…” Staggering to his legs, rivulets of water washed from his body as he tried to rub a hand over his hair. “I’m sorry?”

“For what?” Mae asked, rising from her floating sit to stand before him. Those sweet eyes were on fire now, every flame tracing her body.

But he tamped it down with a shudder, “For trying to…being all…dragging you out to nowhere, and then…” He scraped his fingers down his cheeks and groaned, “God, I did not intend to try and have my way with you.”

You can still step back. Forget it happened. Focus on your job as you’re supposed to do. He’d probably even leave you alone after this.

Mae’s glistening palm swooped through the air. Even with Alistair knocking on his own skull, his eyes opened wide to follow it nestling behind his neck. When the second joined, Mae’s saturated bra pressed to his chest, his dog tags settling into her cleavage. Her famished lips parted for the better strawberries on this picnic.

“What if I wanted you to?” she asked, her voice rolling deep in her chest. Her palms locked at the base of his skull and began to tug him downward, “What if I really really want you to?”

When their lips met a second time, his hands burst with electricity. Swooping both palms around her tank top-plastered waist, Alistair happily opened his mouth, letting her taste him. Sunshine, tall grass, sweet tea on the patio. He was summer, a perfect long summer. And she wanted so much more.

Her palm curled around his jaw, the prickle of his goatee-like stubble almost tickling her skin. The sensation caused Mae to smile, breaking their addictive kiss. His puppy browns opened, watching to see if she was happy before they traveled to her ticklish palm.

Pursed tight, he pressed a wet kiss to the middle of her palm. Mae froze, watching as the man’s face soothed into utter ecstasy while kissing her hand. His fingers lifted off her waist, cool water pressing against the back of her hand as his lips began to trail around her palm. More kisses followed — wet, hungry ones.

Moans rolled over his tongue, Alistair’s mouth opening to allow the edge of his teeth to scrape against the flesh below her thumb.

“Holy shit,” Mae gasped, struggling to swallow as the man began to twirl his tongue around her finger. It slipped in and out of his hot mouth, his eyes shut in glee. When his lips finally broke away from her flesh, Mae’s hand hung in the air. It was both the strangest and most erotic thing to occur to her. Her heart thundered in her chest, watching the man peer down at her, his face scribbled with uncertainty.

Did she like it?

Mae flexed her palm — the gentle scrape of his teeth, the hot press of his lips still clinging to her skin. It was like a bell pealing through the church steeple long after it’d been wrung.

A giddy smile raised up her lips and Mae leapt out of the water at him. Alistair’s arms enveloped her body, pressing her tight to his hard chest as she lavished him in wet kisses. Heat poured through her spine, pooling right where the water was lapping up against her. Each gentle tap of the waves enflamed her waking clit.

As she drove him back against the rocky edge, her lips ruffling up his scruff, his hand slid down to cup her ass. The fingers barely fit, digging in deep to her cushioning as he tugged her even higher.

“Dear…flipping pancakes!” Alistair gasped in his brand of cursing.

With her legs hooked around his hips, she grew even more aware of the rising bulge trying to tug his underwear off. There was certainly no shrinkage in this cool water.

“Please,” the hand clinging to her spine raised up the back of her tank top. “Please tell me I can…”

Mae stopped nibbling on his chin to look him in the eye and whisper, “Do it.”

The man’s legs widened, balancing her ass on his thighs as he let go and quickly yanked the soaked shirt off over her head. Mae heard it plop on the shore just as a sandy blonde head nuzzled to her neck. His kisses grew in fervor, suckling deeper into her skin and driving Mae to whimper with an ache from the bottom of her soul.

One hand returned to cradling her ass, while the other found sanctity swooping over her bra. The slightly padded cups bent with his need, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted to feel his skin on hers. Grabbing onto his exploring hand, Mae tugged it from her bra.

Alistair yanked away from her neck, his eyebrow rising in concern before she placed his palm to the other side of her ass. Well gripped, Mae leaned back and reached for the hooks on her bra. Three in total. After the first, her body began to tip as she must have leaned too far. But Alistair was quick to adjust, keeping her right within the line of his burning eyes.

From deep below the water, she felt his dick swivel in excitement, his fingers pawing at her ass as he waited. When the last hook gave, Mae quickly tugged off her bra, her breasts falling so that her nipples barely graced the waterline. She was about to throw the damn thing to the shore when Alistair surged forward.

Thinking quickly, she tossed the somewhat elastic band around the back of his head and used it like reins. The man burst from the water with Mae hanging on for dear life as he hefted her higher into the air. With his hands kneading into her ass now scaling his abs, his lips brushed against her ecstatic nipples.

“Fuuck,” slipped from her lips.

With that blessing, he began to suck harder, lightning dancing across Mae’s shut eyes. Her body moved of its own accord, hips grinding against his lap as she ached for a touch below the belt. In the shifting and twisting, his dick freed itself from the bend in his underwear. Both sopping wet, when Mae drove her vulva directly against his cock she sprung forward in shock. It felt as if there was almost nothing in the way.

Alistair bounced against the rock edge, the sound of his head striking the hard shore bounding into Mae’s ears. But the man didn’t even bother to rub the sore spot. He guided her right back to giving him an underwater lap dance. Which… Shit, did that feel wonderful.

One of his hands freed itself and greedily began to swirl around her nipple as he sucked his way up and down her chest. At the cleavage, the giddy fool planted himself and began to press kisses to the sides of either of her breasts. When he’d push one closer, almost smothering him, Mae began to laugh. His hot lips trembled against her skin, Alistair’s own laughter ending in bubbles when he’d slip too far down.

Worried about drowning the man with her cleavage, Mae released her bracing bra and cupped his cheeks to save him. He didn’t seem too distressed, all things considered. “You’re such a…” she laughed, ‘fool’ clinging to her tongue.

His eyes sparkled in wonder as if he couldn’t believe he was touching her. The hand that’d been plucking symphonies from her nipples curled to her hip. “Such a what?” Alistair asked, his smile not wavering for a millisecond.

“Such a…”

Her skin tingled, her loins ached. She wanted him to knock her legs open, to dive as deep as he could with his straining cock. To rip the damn underwear away so she could ride him in this shallow pool.

Mae leaned towards his ear, her path set, “Such a someone I want to fuck.”

He laughed, “That doesn’t really make any grammatical…” His chuckle died as she beamed her serious eyes upon him. Mae wanted him, ached for him. Would do something incredibly stupid in that moment for him.

Alistair drew his teeth against his enflamed lips, nibbling in thought as he stared from her aroused nipples up to her panting mouth. “I…okay,” he smiled. No protection. No damn idea where this soldier’s been, and the fucking doctor couldn’t get the idea of riding him bareback out of her mind.

Her fingers dropped for his underwear, cupping along the bulge before landing up on the waistband. Just as she was about to yank them off, Alistair rose from the water’s depths. He wrapped her even tighter in his arms and turned to place Mae upon the rocky edge.

“What are you…?” she asked, her legs landing in the water as the man she wanted to screw to oblivion remained in the pool. He cupped his hand to her calf, worrying the muscle a bit while she stared at his blushing cheeks in confusion. Alistair’s leg massage dipped deeper into the water. When it reached her ankle he picked up her foot and placed it right on his shoulder.

Was he…?

The other leg got just as much attention, Mae’s shaking foot landing on the other side of this man’s stature. This man who was inching through the water towards her spread eagle. Stubble roughed up the side of her inner thigh, Mae gasping at the perfect sting. With a laugh, he did it to the other side, finishing with a few petal perfect kisses.

She was about to giggle at the gentleness too when he hooked his fingers around the crotch of her boyshorts. A gulp lifted Mae’s chest higher. Was she really going to do this? With a little trill of his fingers, the knuckles slowly knocked one after the other against her lower lips.

Yep. Oh yeah, she was going to do this without question. Mae hefted up off her ass, happily tugging her panties off. They didn’t get far, the wet crotch slapping into Alistair’s face, but she could see his smile stretched across either side. He yanked them lower in order to rest his chin upon the elastic band and stare moon-eyed up at her.