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Steamy Saturday — Demon Bath

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

After a hard day at work, Ink sweeps Layla into a grand bath for some slippery fun.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Bathtub Funtimes
🌶️ Incubus Tongue
🌶️ Bubbles

A coolness struck my backside and I shifted, realizing he’d undone my jeans and cast them to the floor. The chill only lasted a second, Ink’s palms happy to warm the outside of my thighs and caress around the swell of my ass. He began to grind against me, digging his fingers in while swaying his hips to trail his cock back and forth over my belly.

“You mortals are such fun to excite,” Ink whispered, and he plunged his incubus claws into my skin.

The pain bit through me and I leaped, only to be caught by the cascade of pleasure sliding down my spine.

“Mmm, your mind is overrun with tempting desires,” Ink moaned. He pushed my legs open with his knee and dug into the small of my back to encourage me to grind on his thigh. 

Wetness swept across the thin cotton panties keeping me from his naked skin. I reached out for the cock he taunted me with, but Ink caught my wrist. He guided my hand to his stomach, his fingers dancing mine up his gentle abs. As we went, the buttons on his shirt fell open, revealing a plethora of tattoos I’d never seen before. I wanted to study them, to trace every line with first my fingers then my teeth. I wanted to leap on top of him and pull his hair while he dug his claws into my ass.

I wanted…

“First…” Ink pulled my hands to his shoulders, dragging out my torture for his ends. He stared me directly in the eyes as he traced a palm from my shoulder down over the rip in my shirt. “You require restitution in both body and soul.”

“It’s just a—” I tried to argue it was no big deal, I’d been through worse in my time. But my shirt flew over my head, the tattered polo abandoned to the feet of a stone Cupid. Ink wasted no time in slipping off my bra, though he coyly dropped to his feet to help in pulling me free of my panties one foot at a time.

Extending his hand, he guided me to the massive tub. I followed, feeling silly for getting naked before it’d even been fill— Steam spiraled from the surface coated in tiny bubbles. How did he do this? How’d he…?

The demon from hell smiled and tipped his head demurely, like the world’s greatest butler. With one hand around my back and the other holding my palm, Ink guided me into the tub. In an instant, I sank deep into the water’s welcoming abyss.

“Oh god,” tumbled from my lips as the wear of the day did the same off my skin. The floating bubbles bounced off the edge of the tub and rebounded to crowd around me. While they surged over my breasts I breathed deep, taking in the scent of champagne and rose. The once stinging heat from when I’d first entered ebbed to the perfect temperature, inducing me to fall into a blissful coma.

A warm palm slipped down my soapy shoulder, then another on the other side. Ink’s cheek brushed against mine as he whispered, “That vile cretin should not have been allowed within ten feet of you.” He cupped the rose bathwater in his palm and brought it to my neck. Slowly, he tipped the warm suds down my body. 

“He didn’t get to do much…thanks to you.” Maybe having my own personal incubus wasn’t going to be such a chore after all. I caught Ink’s hand to wrap my fingers between his and he paused in reaching for more water. His inhuman eyes turned to me, flames dancing in the amber irises. The longer he stared, the larger his pupils grew.

“My bond…” Ink’s lips stilled, the d from his pet name for me lingering on his parted mouth. I reached out of the tub, the whole of my arm covered in soapy water, and placed the tip of my thumb to his lip. At first, I gently tugged it down, having no idea what I wanted. 

Then Ink trailed his tongue out. The long tip circled all the way up to my knuckle. His eyes didn’t leave mine the whole time he swallowed my thumb, a low moan rumbling from his chest. I clenched my toes, the bath heating under me, as I watched the demon lick his way back to the tip of my thumb. He leaned back with a prideful grin, winked, and dove back to suck on the digit.

This time I moaned, desires loudly banging about in my mind for the incubus to grant. He laughed, a deep, velvety growl I rarely heard, and placed my palm to his mouth. This time, Ink drew his teeth across the flesh—slow, tender strokes with the fangs of a demon. He rounded down the heel of my palm and reached the wrist. 

There, he placed a kiss, sweet and innocent. My heart fluttered at the thought when Ink plunged for my lips. I enveloped his face in my watery hands and ran my fingers through his hair until it was soaked. Ink’s fists plunged into the tub even though he still had his shirt on. I was about to remind him when he wrapped both palms around my breasts.

The first time we’d met, Ink had gotten me off with just nipple play. I leaned back, thrusting my chest into his talented fingers in anticipation of his skills. While he strummed my nipples with tender strokes, it wasn’t to a crescendo but a steady revving. Ink pushed aside my soaked hair with his chin and whispered in my ear, “If you’d said the word, I would have removed the man’s head.”

“For ripping my shirt?” For his greasy fingers no doubt trying to cop a feel before he was yanked away. I should have expected a certain amount of ‘this toy’s mine’ from a demon created just to have sex.

Ink’s toying stopped and he floated his hands through the bath. Straining over the top of my head, he looked me dead in the eye. “For a man of his ilk daring to breathe in your presence.”

Relief and gratitude surged through me. Something my manager never would have done in the name of pleasing the customer, Ink had done without pause. I wrung my hand around the nape of his neck, pulling him to me until his forehead bounced against mine.

“Get in this fucking tub, right now.”

Ink smiled. “You need not— Whoa!” 

I yanked with all my strength, plunging him on top of me. The demon didn’t so much gently float down as plummet like a boulder. His hips pinned me against the porcelain. His long legs fell between mine and he used his knees to spread them further apart. And his cock, that dangerous weapon of desire and madness—Ink nestled it right at the bottom of my belly and began to pull it lower.

Needing him, I moved to raise my foot from the tub, but Ink reached back and grabbed my ankle. Ecstatic at the thought, I let my body float higher, expecting him to pin my leg behind him. Ink grabbed the left ankle just as my chin began to dip below the surface.

Suddenly, he dove forward and wrapped his arms around my waist. In the blink of an eye, Ink submerged face-first into the tub and my spreading vagina. Tongue and lips sucked over my labia, Ink paying fealty to the throbbing vulva first. After a serpentine slide of his tongue up and down the whole of my opening, Ink aimed for the motherlode. Lips hotter than the water suckered around my clit and his tongue vibrated against the nerve bundle. 

Fuck me. This was beyond what I wanted. I dug into his hair which, aside from the crest of his ass, was the only part above the water. The rest of the demon remained submerged as he licked and sucked every millimeter of me. The trembling tip of his tongue shifted to a long flat roll, like a kneading massage over my clit. I tried to move against it for the extra friction when Ink dug his claws into me. 

A yelp leaped from my mouth and he abandoned my clit. I began to whimper at the loss, only for Ink to bite down hard on my inner thigh. He thrust two fingers deep inside me while the dual war of pleasure and pain fought up my nerves. I shivered around him, my legs dangling over the sides of the tub. The chill of the outside world tried to climb up my skin, but the demon working me over chased it away. 

With a tight hold around my hips, Ink pulled me closer to his vibrating mouth. I slipped even deeper into the tub. Champagne bubbles burst in the air, the scent landing on my skin and hair while Ink scratched his nails up my legs.