First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss is from Christmas Comeback (To Me) by Caroline Akervik

Can Erik make his way back to the woman he always carried in his heart?

The two were moving closer still, drawn together by Christmas magic and moonlight.

“What do they say?” he prompted, his lips curving in a slight smile.

“Well, someone said You can’t go home again.”

Erik shook his head. “I don’t care for that one. Charles Dickens said something like you appreciate home more for traveling.”

“Did he now?” Stella asked, tipping her chin up, those long lashes dusting down on her cheeks. “Aren’t you literary?”

“It impressed the girls at Princeton,” he taunted.

“Did it now? I’m not sure it will work on a Noelle woman.”

“I’m just hoping it will work on this Noelle woman.” Ever so slowly, he leaned down and their lips touched, and then the kiss deepened. It was one of those epic, perfect kisses that both would forever remember, a kiss flavored with the memories of first love and the promises of a future together.