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Steamy Saturday — Thankful Wolf

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Post-Thanksgiving dinner, Layla and Cal sneak up to his bedroom to snuggle and take things to the next level.

🌶️ MF

Sleep danced through me, tempting me to its dark embrace. The mattress buckling behind me shot the last bolt of energy. When heat licked against my ear and an arm glanced over my hip, I calmed.

“Come to join me?” I asked, rubbing Cal’s hand and guiding it to cup my belly. His entire body pressed to mine, the two of us spooning together without a care in the world.

“You made it look tempting.”

I was the one to scoot into him. To feel his chest expand with every breath against my back, to wrap myself in the warmth of his embrace. To tuck my ass right against his crotch. If it weren’t for that, I’d have passed out in an instant.

Here was the port I so badly wanted against the storm of my life. A hot guy who could cook, owned his house, was smart enough to become a nurse and could lick his way out of any box. To take an afternoon nap with him beside me and not worry that he would sneak off with my phone or laptop. To know that when I woke, he’d be there.
It was a delightful dream I didn’t want to abandon. And I’d have happily played the part for an hour or two in Cal’s bed. Except, with every breath of his cresting against my cheek, I felt him stirring.

Did he get woozy whenever that happened? All that blood flow zipping away from his brain to plump his cock. At that size he’d need a lot.

A warm kiss caressed the nape of my neck and Cal’s hand swept up my belly. Was he already out? I tried to not move for fear of waking him, but he brushed his wandering palm under my breasts. The slowly inflating cock suddenly sprang to attention and I couldn’t bite down the moan that slipped free.

Cal groaned in response, and he started to grind his hips into me. Every thrust of his can-sized cock into my buttock sent me reeling. I hadn’t had a chance to ride it before, and because of the mess I’d gotten into after, I didn’t think I ever would.

Reaching behind, I swept my palm over Cal’s ass. He paused his grinding and dropped the hand that’d been massaging over my shirt to the bed. “Don’t stop,” I whispered and pulled him tighter to me.

“Fuck, Layla,” he groaned. With mad energy, he swept under my shirt and worried below the underwire trap on my bra. When the warmth of his palm circled my breast, I tossed my head back. It struck his chin, but Cal didn’t stop. His gyrating hips increased tempo, Calvin’s moans of pleasure shivering through my ear and down to my aching core.

I struggled to reach for him, to unbuckle his jeans, to again try to take all of him in my hand. But he was suckered to my body, twirling his free hand against my nipples. I sputtered at the soft touch, almost but not quite sharp enough to send me reeling. In order to encourage him, I tried thrusting my chest out, when he abandoned it entirely.

A pang of loss shuddered through me until Cal tugged on the button of my jeans and undid the zipper. With only our panting and the light creaking of the bed for ambience, the pull of the zipper sounded like a crack of lightning. And his cock jerked in response.

Yank my pants off. Throw me onto my back. Fuck me so hard I can’t walk to my car.
But he slipped his hand away from the V of exposed pink panties and massaged the pad into my hip instead. The bed shifted as he rose onto his elbow. He nuzzled his nose into the hollow behind my ear, then flicked his tongue against my lobe.

“Layla.” He breathed my name as if there was nothing in this world but me, him and the buckling bed. Taking my chin, Cal slowly pivoted my head and the rest of my body until I rested on my back. All the wolfish hunger from our first time was gone. I could only see a tender need, his smile cautious and uncertain.

I held on to his arms and tugged him to me. The kiss rolled through me, as slow as a Sunday afternoon in the park, and twice as perfect. I lapped my tongue over his bottom lip, wanting to tug it between my teeth and bite down, when Cal pulled back.

What did he want? With the tips of his fingers, he pushed back a piece of hair off my forehead. Was he having second thoughts? Third regrets? “Well.” I shrugged, struggling to bury the rising tide of anger in my voice. “Let’s do this.” Despite my statement, I didn’t reach for his zipper or do anything but stare in concern. Was this when he’d finally realize he could do so much better?

Brushing his palm from my cheek down to my shoulder, Cal said, “Layla…this is going to sound stupid.”

I’d been living a whole heaping pile of stupid since I’d found out I was a witch. Unless puppets or small animals were involved, he couldn’t freak me out.

The hot werewolf leaned down and, in a whisper I almost couldn’t hear, said, “I want to make love to you.”

That was it?

He wrapped his fingers in mine and pressed our innocent handhold to the bed. Bending to me, Cal brushed his lips against mine. The touch was that of a single breeze glancing against my skin. A shiver trembled through me and I wanted more. But he leaned back and tugged off his shirt.

That body with muscles so defined he looked like water had chiseled him from a mountain over a millennium wasn’t some fever dream. Watching him bundle up his sweater, the trail of biceps, pectorals, abs and lats all flexing in twitching intoxication sent me reeling. Why didn’t I have my phone? I needed a video of that. Or a gif that I could watch on an endless loop.

But the werewolf built for hard fucking drew the tips of his fingers across the sliver of my exposed lower belly. The ring finger toyed with my panties, causing me to buck my hips for more. Cal kept trailing, circling back around a touch higher.

“Slow,” he said and bent over to place a kiss right above my belly button. “Gentle.” He pushed my shirt up, his next kiss on my sternum. “So you can enjoy all of me.”

“Yes!” I shouted, then tamped down to whisper the same as he had. “Yes, please.”

“You don’t need to say please with me,” he said and lifted my camisole off. While he tugged off my bra, Cal added, “I’m here to please you.”

It sounded so much like Ink’s desire kink that I frowned. I didn’t want to think of the incubus who’d have already taken me from behind, then microwaved a bowl of ice cream on top of popcorn after. This was about Calvin and making love in his bed.

Hooking onto the belt loops of his jeans, I tugged on him so hard he fell forward. His hands splayed beside my head, his entire body helpless in my grip. Working his pants open, I nibbled along his jaw and risked a harder bite to his lobe. Instead of a yelp, a low grumble roared through his chest pinning me deeper into the mattress.

“I want to hear you come. To watch you explode inside me. To have you howl my name,” I ordered in his ear. “I want to please you.”

When he plunged his soft lips over mine, Cal surprised me. I curled my palm over his straining boxer briefs, and the gasp of delight from his mouth drew a grin of power to mine. He kissed my devious smile away, then trailed his mouth in perfunctory bites down my jaw while working off his jeans.

It was a mad tangle of denim, legs, hands and mouths. Hot, sucking mouths. Famished, dancing fingers. Knees and thighs kneading and caressing. I didn’t even realize I was naked until Cal slipped in between my legs and rested his cock in my curlies.

Fuck, that wasn’t some magic wand in his pants, but a magic tree. And I’d thought I could handle it?

He must have read my sudden concern. Brushing his knuckles across my cheek, he stared down at me. The dappled light straining through November clouds cast a golden halo in his hair. “Slow,” Cal said, bending closer. He placed a kiss to my collar.
“Gentle,” he whispered and sucked on my nipple.

I arched my back to him, a whimper chaining down my throat. Trailing his lips across my breasts, Cal spoke against my skin. “Until you beg for me.”

We traversed our hands everywhere with no destination in mind. He licked around my ear, nibbled my belly, sucked his way down my arm. I answered him in kind, pressing my teeth tighter to his muscle and sinew until every little gasp from him sent me reeling. Cal tasted me from neck to navel while his rock-hard cock crested against my skin. I reveled in it bouncing down my leg, dipping into my stomach, and always skirting right outside of entering me.

Time ceased to be, the rest of the world evaporating. All I knew was the man above me, kissing and caressing my body. Cal descended closer until he propped himself up on only his elbows. I laughed in glee at how he kept swiping his chest against my hard nipples.

Then he ground his pelvis into me.

The sweet teasing and light tonguing snapped to a puncture of need. It struck through me, demanded I wrap my leg around Cal’s thigh and grind back on him. “Oh fuck, Layla,” he cried in between kisses.

It wasn’t enough. My body buzzed on the edge of the abyss, every cell inside screaming for the last ingredient to pitch us over.

“Cal?” A confounding chill swept through me, as if my body had become so aroused it feared either orgasm or death. He paused in nuzzling my neck and beamed those soft-blue eyes at me. Tracing my fingers from his cheek to his mouth, I tugged on his besotted lip, and said, “I need your cock. Nothing else will do.”

His smile would warm my soul for a hundred years. Leaning over, he gave a quick kiss to the tip of my nose and sat up. I was about to follow suit when he pressed me back down to the mattress. He tossed me a square package that was surprisingly navy blue and not brag-worthy black. I didn’t need any instructions, already tugging apart the plastic and easing the condom on while he kept leaning over on his treasure hunt.

Cal finished rustling through a box by his bed and returned with a clear bottle. Drenching his fingers in lube, he slicked up his sheathed cock, rolling his wrist to try to reach every far-flung inch. The sound of the bottle’s cap snapping shut caused me to jump in anticipation.

But he drew his fingers down my inner thigh. Traced the curvy muscle that made finding jeans a nightmare. God, yes. Shove them aside. Enter me. Let me pound away on you!

“Layla,” Cal whispered. Hooking his fingers under my knees, he raised my legs to curl around his waist. With one hand locking his cock into position, Cal walked closer. “I need you—”


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