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Steamy Saturday — Coffeelingus

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

In this scene from Mistletoe Latte, Nick and Emma are alone in his coffee shop when some fun times break out.

🌶️ MF

Nick whistled and she froze in speaking her thoughts aloud. “Color me impressed. Your tongue’s amazing.”

Oh, boy. She licked her lip at the compliment. Instead of the mistletoe latte, all she could taste was hard flesh as her mind filled with the memory of him in the bath. Wrapping her tongue around that would be…

Emma tried to shake it away. She raised her hand to ask, “Could I have another taste?”

“No problem.”

She heard the rattle of the mug gliding across the counter and raised her chin. A moment passed when nothing filled her palm. Emma parted her lips in anticipation when a firm heat pressed against them.

God! A richness not from coffee, but the body of a man—the sharp note of musk and need—overwhelmed her senses. Nick’s kiss deepened, hotter than before. When a hand cupped her cheek, Emma rifled back through his hair. He nipped his bottom lip under hers and grazed his teeth against her tender skin. She moaned and parted her mouth.

He didn’t plunge in with his tongue but showed care in lapping her lips before darting the tip against hers. Emma pulled herself tighter to him and a hand clasped to the small of her back. That thick cock pressed against her belly. She wanted to run her fingers up it, to cup the base and jerk it just as he’d done in the tub. Her tongue swirled of its own accord, wanting to show Nick just how talented it was.

Pressing his pinkie into the hollow behind her ear, Nick tipped up Emma’s face until she felt light-headed. “How was that?” he asked, the struggle in his voice causing her thighs to tremble.

Leaving soon.

My entire life is two states away.

As she thought, his palm swept under her sweater. The warm hand cupped her naked back, and he pressed his fingertips higher. Nick placed his other thumb on her chin and circled his finger around the edge of her lips. A groan rose from Emma’s curled toes.

“I need more,” she gasped.

Nick kissed her harder than before. She held on for dear life, fully diving in. Palms caressed her cheek, then her belly, before reaching over her sweater to cup her breasts. He took care in teasing them, a gentle squeeze followed by a tender sweep under her small tits. His hands were the angels to his devil mouth.

Teeth nibbled on her earlobe, then bit down. Emma squealed, and he slipped a knee in between her thighs. Fuck! She swayed her hips forward, grinding against the hard muscle. Wetness swept across the whole of her vagina, causing her to cry out.

Her skin prickled like a thousand volts ran under it. She arched her back, wanting to feel his hands on her bare flesh. Nick toyed with her nipples barely making it through the padding in her bra. He drew his nose down her neck, sucking on her skin as he went. She fought off a whimper and ran her fingers down his shoulders. Emma was about to dig her nails into his biceps when Nick caught both her wrists.

He rose, pinning her hands together. Hot breath twisted in her ear. “Let me show you what I can do with my tongue.”

Emma nodded greedily and parted her lips, but Nick didn’t kiss her. He guided her hands behind his neck. Hands cupped her ass and heaved her up. She nearly knotted her legs around his waist when she landed on the counter.

Confused, she started to lift the edge of the blindfold when her sweater flew over her head. It caused a sliver of light to peek through the gap, but all Emma could see was a line of blond hair before Nick reached around her back.

“I swear I remember how to do this,” he muttered. She breathed him in as he fumbled to undo her bra. Emma leaned her head back, and reached out with a kiss. Her lips struck scruff. The bristles darted across her tender skin and she kept going, nibbling up Nick’s jaw. At his chin, she added her teeth and swept her tongue down that little cleft.

He gasped at the touch, then curled his hands under her breasts. Emma cried out and thrust her chest back. She didn’t have much to work with, but that didn’t deter him. Pinching her nipples, he toyed with the hyperactive nerves. Emma couldn’t stop from shivering, the whole of her body breaking out into goosebumps.

“Are you cold?” he asked, placing his wide hand over the entirety of her breast.

“N-n-n-oooh!” Her answer turned into a cry as Nick sucked her breast into his mouth. He swirled around her throbbing nipple with his tongue and pinched his lips around it. She clung to his hair and raked her nails over the nape of his neck when he’d pinch harder. Her panties overflowed and she moaned. Nick ran the back of his hand over the tops of her thighs, then swept his palm between them. Emma twisted to follow each time he’d almost run his thumbs down her inner seam, then pull away.

A deep chuckle rumbled from below. Nick roughed the scruff of his beard between her cleavage and she gulped. He touched the button of her jeans and pulled down the fly. Emma jumped in surprise, and Nick left her pants undone but on. He stood up, and she ran her hands over his cheeks.

“Are you…?” Nick asked before she wound her fingers around the collar of his shirt and tugged. Snickering, he cupped her chin and kissed her as Emma struggled to get the thick flannel unbuttoned. The chest part was easy, but when she tried to tug it off his wrists, they caught. Nick’s hands were too big.

He chuckled against her lips and, after gently pushing her fingers lower, undid the cuff buttons and slid his shirt off. Beginning at the wrists, Emma ran the tips of her nails up his arms. Hard as bedrock, the muscles shifted as she traced them. She swiveled to trail the vein up his biceps and reached for his shoulders. It was hard to guess what he looked like from touch alone.

Emma shifted, trying to catch a glimpse of him through the gap in the blindfold. The towel tightened, and he whispered in a breathy voice, “No peeking.”

With his wide hands, Nick swept down her sides and tugged her jeans off. Her boots fell, leaving Emma completely naked save for her fluffy socks. Nick traced his nails up her left calf, then the right. She buzzed in anticipation, trying to keep from leaping on top of him. The trailing fingers dipped down and clenched around her ankles.

Emma slid across the counter just as her ankles landed on his shoulders. What is…?

Heat pulsed against her bare vulva—a warm wind from two lips almost pressed to her. She squirmed, terrified of what he’d think when Nick lapped his wet tongue over her.

Holy shit! The slick heat swerved all around her lips, trailing out and back in, taunting her clit with a momentary tongue tap before circling back. Nick clung to her outer thighs, pressing them tighter to his cheeks, and picked up speed. First, he sucked on her longer lip. Then he flicked his tongue against her clit’s hood. The increasing vigor scraped his scruff against her inner thighs.

Emma tipped back on her elbows, straining to place her hips closer to his impossible mouth. With her previous lovers, this was a means to an end. They’d put in their two minutes of work in order to move on to something better. But Nick seemed prepared for a feast. He nuzzled her muff with his nose then pulled his chin down her. When that dimple cupped around Emma’s clit she cried out.

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