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Six Sentence Sunday — Son of Krampus

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today’s six sentences come from Son of Krampus. The daughter of Saint Nick’s got it bad for the Son of Krampus, who’s trying to destroy her family.

“And,” Emeric snarled, “you conveniently happen to forget your makeup bag, necessitating you parading about in the slinkiest dress imaginable under his nose.”

“I didn’t do it for Trevor!” Nadire shouted, rising off her heels so her entire face nearly bashed against his. Emeric watched with her screaming echo bounding about the bathroom tiles back to her ears how her beautiful face began to fall. Sorrow raced to tug back the anger, shame transforming her flush of rage to a blush of embarrassment.

Shrinking before his eyes, Nadire slumped down, her body spinning back to her mess of makeup. A hand lashed out to cup her red-painted bicep, even Emeric surprised to realize it was his. Her glittery eyelids hung low, narrowed eyes darting to where he touched her. 

Nadire opened her mouth, no doubt about to tell him to get the hell out when Emeric surged forward.