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Get Tangled with the Krampus

Happpy Krampusnacht!

To celebrate the night of the horned one walking the earth to punish those who are naughty, Son of Krampus is only $0.99!

I HAVE A FAVORITE HOLIDAY READ! Emeric’s HOTTT – both as a naughty hook-up guy and a buttoned-up lawyer. If you like Forbidden love, Enemies to lovers, Fierce heroines, Hot men with an accent, And lust so hot it combusts, you need this book!”


Or, if you’re looking for a cozy Christmas MM romance, Tangled in Tinsel is also only $0.99!

Very cute, heartwarming second-chance MM romance. There is: a mischievous dog (Harry), friendship, comradery, humour, drama, intrigue, secrets, memories, attractions, surprises, some steamy scenes, love & a delightful epilogue with a sweet happy ending.”

Patricia H
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Don’t miss out on these deals. They’ll be gone like a snowflake up the chimney on the stroke of midnight.



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