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Steamy Saturday — Krampus Comes

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Nadire’s life is Christmas 24/7. It isn’t surprising as her father is the illustrious Saint Nicholas. When she meets a mysterious and gorgeous stranger at a Santa Con, Nadire does the only logical thing and sweeps Emeric to her hotel room for what’s supposed to be a one-night stand. She has no idea he’s the only son of her father’s greatest frenemy, Krampus.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Candy Cane Condom
🌶️ Tattoo of Justice
🌶️ Coming Together

“What do you want?” she purred, waiting to learn every dirty thought rampaging in his mind.

Only silence answered her. Every other man she’d been with it was a cacophony, an unending press for her to do this, to be this, to perform that. And now…

Emeric drew his palms up her waist, pausing just below her breasts. “Isn’t it obvious?” he asked.

No. Did he not want this? Was she not even acceptable enough for him? Why couldn’t she hear his wants?

Hands cupped her breasts, gently pulsing into her giving flesh as he sucked upon her neck. Nadire’s arms enveloped his head, her skin nested in the thick black mane as she pulled him tight to her. When he flicked both thumb and forefinger over both her nipples, Emeric breathed, “You.”

Grabbing onto his chest, Nadire spun the pair on the bed so she was on top. Emeric’s eyes opened in shock, blinking fast from her display of strength, but Nadire wasn’t finished. With a hunger stirred to life from her first glance into his eyes, she yanked his pants free. 

“It’s uh…” Whatever Emeric was going to say to defend his penis, not that it needed an acolyte, was trampled by Nadire leaping back on top of him. Hands kneaded breasts and buttocks, lips sucked upon necks and nipples, and all the while her body pulsed as if it was approaching an explosion of unending pleasure.

When he finally unbuttoned her trousers, tugging them down her hips and exposing her pubic hair to the air, Emeric sighed. “You don’t happen to have any prophylactics, do you?”

“What?” She gulped, trying to yank her mind back from the blissful thoughts of his cock gliding against her inner thigh. “You don’t?”

The naked man shrugged. “I wasn’t the one to suggest we leave the bar.”

“Yes, it’s…” Panting, Nadire slipped off the bed. Her trousers tumbled off her legs, landing inside of his pants as she fumbled at first for any drawer in range, then paused. That would be impossible to explain. Her purse. Reaching her hand inside, she tried to drum up the necessary want. Give me a damn condom, she thought hard, but her fingers only rustled through emptiness. 

Flushing with both embarrassment and anger at this foolish failure, her eyes drifted from glaring through space to the naked man stretched out upon the bed. His cock stood straight at attention, practically pleading for her to return. He’d raised up on his elbows to watch her, causing the crown to lay flush against his belly button. A sheen of sweat drew a tempting sparkle to the skin that intoxicated her with one touch.

I don’t just want him, I need him.

Plastic and foil pinched between her fingers and she smiled wide. “Got one,” she pronounced, tugging the latex out and scampering back. Emeric was fast to catch it, his fingers working to tear the condom free when he paused and spun the packaging around.

“Candy cane colored?” He laughed, pointing out the red and white stripes along the outside.

You have to be kidding me. Nadire groaned internally, wanting to punch whatever deity gifted her these powers, but it wouldn’t do well to anger the giving horse. Instead, she threw on a smile. “They love to stick to theme at these things.”

Emeric chuckled, already barbering up his pole. “I don’t mind…” His ice-blue eyes raised from the red and white striped cock Nadire refused to look at now. A fire burned inside them while he roughed his palm over her jawline. Stumbling over, she knuckle-crawled her way back to him. His hand wrapped around the nape of her neck and he whispered against her lips, “…as long as I get to use it.”

Hot kisses wet with need slathered her body as Nadire climbed atop him. She savored in his strong cock stroking her naked backside while she roughed her nose through his chest hair. Emeric resumed titillating her breasts, his gentle twists of her nipples growing more daring with each pant from her throat. 

It was delightful, to lose herself in the taste and the woodsy musk of his skin. To not feel a man begging and pleading inside of her soul for what he wanted. To listen only to her wants in her head. But, as Nadire’s wandering lips found their way back up to his neck she found herself bereft. What was she to do if not appease his want?

“Please.” A palm cupped her cheek, fingertips brushing her hair back behind her ear as his thumb circled her lips. In exquisite agony, she rolled her tongue around it, trying to invite the digit into her mouth, but Emeric held it aloft. Nadire blinked, focusing on him.

His gaze burned brighter than the northern star, his face flush in desire as he moaned, “Let me watch you come undone.”

Giddiness flooded her, Nadire ecstatic at the thought of giving in to her own wants, to live for herself. What a novel concept. Parting her thighs, she eased back carefully, fearful of a too-tight fit. But Emeric had been stroking her both outside and in since their first meeting. She feared she might gush from the level of arousal gliding him in. 

A moan rounded his lips, his eyes squeezed tight as he too gave in to the slow slip of himself inside of her. Each push knocked loose the old cobwebs, Nadire gasping as she tumbled into every animalistic urge in her body. The first thrust was shallow, barely sucking half of his cock into her. 

But, as his radiant eyes beamed into hers, she pulled herself as deep as she dare. Strong hands dug into her hips, fingers clawing as the pair moaned in symphony. Nadire tipped her head back, her body rising higher to search for the perfect position.
No voice begged her to slide this way or that, no want told her to be perfect for someone else. Only the man’s puffing breath guided her as she too savored in watching him come undone. 

“Oh God,” Nadire gasped, heat rampaging from the pool in her loins. It swarmed across her body, bringing with it a lightness as if she was floating. As if every weight, every concern, every worry vanished into thin air. When her legs tugged her lower, his cock bounding into her, the freedom transformed into eternal fireworks.

Incoherent words dripped from her tongue, Nadire’s mind lost as it too ensnared itself in this perfect moment of orgasmic bliss. She lost sight, hearing, every sense but the tingling pleasure sparking through each vein in her body.

“Engel,” Emeric whispered, his soft voice tethering her back to the real world. She sputtered, air filling her aching lungs, her sweat-soaked body nearly tumbling forward when she felt the supporting hand caressing her belly.

“Did you..?” Nadire muttered, before wincing. She shouldn’t have to ask that, she should know. But she was so far gone into her own trip she missed all the cues.

Mercifully, it was a smile that crossed Emeric’s face instead of a glower. “Yes,” he nodded, his hands brushing against her dangling breasts before landing back on her thighs. Nadire bared down on the cock still inside, feeling the pulsing that should have been her hint.

“Watching you was…” A blush crossed the grown man’s face. “…better than I could have imagined.”

“Perhaps you need a better imagination.” Nadire shrugged, easing off the candy cane colored pole slick with her lubrication. Panting to fill her nearly emptied lungs, she landed on her side beside the man who seemed content to lay upon his back post-coital.

Emeric turned his head, his arm twisting around so he could trace down her face as if he’d never seen her before. “Usually it’s highly accurate, but…”

As his hand slipped down between their spent bodies, Nadire noticed a tattoo encircling his bicep. Merciful Lord, she didn’t even have time to take in his arms, which looked as if they could pick up a small car. Trying to swallow down the lust that should have been slacked, she traced her finger along the letters. R-E-C-H-T

Emeric watched, his fingers combing her sex-tossed hair. “It means…”

“Law,” she translated, her eyes darting up to his. For a moment they showed surprise at her knowing german, then a slow smile.

“I prefer justice.”

An interesting interpretation, though it was doubtful even with his impressive physique that gerechtigkeit would have fit. Emeric sat up, finally removing the candy cane condom he then expertly knotted. Nadire watched the C and H of his tattoo pulse as he did so, her brain offering up how amazing it’d feel for those biceps to strain as he held her wrists over her head.

What was wrong with her? They just finished and one mind-blowing orgasm barely made a dent in her interest. 

Emeric glanced over his shoulder, catching her staring through space at nothing. “Something wrong?” he asked as if he was the one capable of reading people’s thoughts.

“I was simply thinking hair of midnight, eyes of silvery blue, a body that’d make the old Italian masters weep with pride…”

That brought a blush to his cheeks, but she noticed he happily accepted the compliment.

“And ‘Justice’ tattooed to your arm. You’re not Batman, are you?”

A laugh rolled through Emeric’s chest, drawing her attention and fingers back to the forest of hair. “Even if I were Batman,” he asked with an accent growing stronger, his body rising above hers, “would I tell you?”

Greedy to be pinned below him, Nadire dug her naked ankles into the dimples above his buttocks. Emeric grazed his forehead against hers, warm breath darting from his lips as the answer hung in the air. “That,” Nadire whispered, “is just what Batman would say.” Before he could laugh, she pulled him to her for a kiss.


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  1. Sigh. I’ve read this in December 2 years in a row. I LOVE this book! Hot, with lots of heart, and holiday cheer–plus paranormal? All of my hot buttons. Guess I’ll have to locate my copy again for another reread.

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