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Six Sentence Sunday — Tangled in Tinsel

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

In Tangled in Tinsel, Dean finds himself trapped in the small town of Tinsel before Christmas. He’d have nowhere to stay if not for the hot cowboy, Levi.

Dean thought his backside would be permanently etched from the carvings on the chairs for how long they sat there laughing, reminiscing, sharing. The only thing missing was the cowboy hurling that nerdy historian onto his table and kissing him.

A groan rounded about Dean’s stubbornly chaste lips and he cinched his hand tighter to his cock. So not the time, or the place. He was a guest in a small town of eccentric but nice people who could turn on him in a second. But if Levi looked at him from under his hat with a shy smile one more time, Dean’s balls were liable to explode.

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