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Steamy Saturday — Cowboy Mounting

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Levi and Dean have been dancing around each other for days, both wanting the other but too scared to put themselves out. The dam breaks as they’re decorating a Christmas tree and Dean finally gets to mount his cowboy.

🌶️ MM
🌶️ Ride A Cowboy
🌶️ Bed Bucking
🌶️ Power Bottom

Hell, yes!

Levi couldn’t stop running his hands over Dean’s body, holding his face, brushing that tuft of hair under his lip as they stumbled up to his room. He wanted to scoop him up in his arms and throw him onto the bed. Levi couldn’t be bothered to find the light, the gray haze of the snowy world their only backdrop as he tumbled to his squeaking mattress with Dean in tow. Kissing him was divine, like donuts fresh from the oil—sweet, pure, and sinful. Levi kept returning even while he struggled to find the mess of condoms from his wild days.

Not on the nightstand where anyone could see. In a box, somewhere under… He had to pull away to think. Focusing on the task, a thrill shivered through him as Dean rubbed his hand over Levi’s back. It’d been ages since anyone touched him like that. There! Buried behind a pile of rodeo ribbons, he found the old wallet crammed with condoms and tiny packets of lube.

As he opened it wide, dumping the entire contents to the bed, Dean wiggled his fingers over the nape of Levi’s neck. When they clamped down, he pulled Levi to him for a bone-quaking kiss. Stars flitted in his eyes so he didn’t notice when Dean picked out one of the condoms and laid it on Levi’s thigh. The foil square was a freezing patch against his skin, but it stood no chance to cool his lust.

Levi started to tear it open when Dean took the condom back. “Let me,” he said, unearthing the latex ring. With one hand, he held Levi’s cheek, pulling him close until Dean’s tongue rolled inside his mouth. While Levi chased after his kiss, Dean unfurled the condom down his cock.

Heaven’s sake, he needed him. Levi reached to Dean to push him on his back. No, that wasn’t what he’d promised…what he really wanted. Grabbing a full pack of the single-use lube, Levi left most packets in Dean’s hands and slicked up the condom with the last. Dean was more cautious, trying to keep the drip from hitting the blanket while Levi sprung across the bed and splayed out.

Running his palm over Dean’s arm, Levi said, “We can start at a trot or go right for the full gallop.”

Dean pushed out a slow breath of air and he straddled Levi’s stomach. “It’s been a while. I might need to go slower. Is there a creep? Maybe a gentle sway?” 

He was nervous. Levi picked up on the manic energy, but as he reached over to take both of Dean’s hands to assure him, he lost himself. A man with a thicket of black hair mushed together from Levi’s thighs sat on top of him. That ornery smile that made Levi’s cock jump was twisted into a cautious but excited grin knotting his insides into pretzels. Bundling Dean’s hands together, Levi placed both on his sternum like he had a saddle horn. 

“I can lay here all day if you need,” Levi said.

Dean chuckled and mischief flashed in his eyes. “Oh no, that ain’t happening.” He swept his hips back, pulling Levi’s cock between his buns. The sensation tossed Levi about, causing him to groan and roll his eyes back. 

Pressure pushed down on Levi’s ribs and he stared up into deep chocolate eyes. With one hand on his sternum and the other on Levi’s cock, Dean lined up the shot and took him home. 

“Hellfire itself!” Levi cried, the tip of his cock squeezed by the tight vise of Dean’s ass. His body begged for him to thrust deeper, but Dean pressed down on his chest and positioned himself. 

“Let’s ride.” Dean plunged down, sending Levi’s hips rocketing up to meet him. If he pushed too far, Dean would press on his ribs, telling him to take it slow. All the while, Dean would ride shallow then dive deep, the man’s head tossed back so all Levi could see was his chin and a smattering of scruff.

God, he wanted to rub his palms all over it. To rough his cheeks from it, to feel that spark that only came from two scraggly men kissing with everything they had. Levi caught Dean’s hips, savoring in the muscles rising and falling under his palms. Heat brighter than the pavement in July rampaged through the whole of his body. 

Harder. Levi clamped his grip down at the apex of his thrust, tugging Dean to meet him. A string of curses that’d have gotten Levi’s mouth washed out slipped from Dean. Every four-letter word dumped fuel onto Levi’s raging inferno. He smiled internally, savoring each one even while trying to make this fuck last as long as possible.

The pressure on his chest slipped away, Dean rising fully and leaning up. It shifted the tightness wrapped around Levi, Dean’s twisting passage clamping even tighter to his crown. Levi managed a meager thrust before the inevitable clanged through his body.
“Oh god,” he gasped, clawing at the headboard. One hand managed to wrap around the brass bar, the other fell to his mouth. He bit down hard, certain that would slow it. Then Dean picked the hat off his head and began to wave it around.

“Yeehaw,” he cried, rocking his hips in a circle even while riding Levi.

Launching his hand back, Levi grabbed tight to the brass bars as the entire bed shook around him. The whole of the earth upended in that moment. The sun could die, oceans dry, and Levi wouldn’t bat an eye as long as he had this.

“Yes,” he barely sputtered through the panting straining his chest. Dean rocked sharper, the swerve striking just as Levi rose to meet him. “Yes!” With the full strength of his biceps, Levi pulled on the bars to increase the orgasm chaining through him. Even when his head struck the headboard, he kept flexing, jerking his hips in time with the spurts out of his cock.

It wasn’t until a cool hand pressed to his feverish chest that Levi calmed. He opened his eyes to find a smiling face below his hat. “Careful there, stud,” Dean said. He wrapped his fingers over Levi’s and unwound them off the bars before winding theirs together.


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