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New Year’s End & A Free Novella

2022 is on its way out and what better way to celebrate than with a look back and a gift for sticking with me.

Madeline’s Park

I started the year in May with Madeline’s Park.

This book has been baking since 2019. I wrote it before Rash & Rationality. Before Ink. At one point Madeline was going to be involved in the musical Tristan Harty is a part of. There was even a full song scene.

Madeline’s Park is perfect if you’re looking for:

  • Curvy Heroine
  • No Weight Loss
  • No Makeovers
  • Hot Fireman
  • Kitten Rescues!
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Man Overcoming Abuse
  • Protective MC

Coven of Desire grew with Badge in June.

The witch hunters have finally caught Layla and my readers got to meet Stone.

Oh Stone. He started out completely different when I was plotting out the series. Originally, I’d planned for Stone to be the second child of a witch. He cannot tap any magic but knows all about it which makes him very touchy about it.

Once I started writing Claw I realized two things. One, Daniel worked so much better taking over Stone’s roll of helping Layla with her magic. And Two, I needed the Witch Hunters.

Badge includes

  • Layla Fighting Back
  • An Annoyingly Hot Enemy
  • Ink Risking Mortality for Her
  • Cal Grovelling
  • Unicorn Stabbing

July finally introduced you to my grouchy vampire Jareth.

This book began when my old editor was talking with me about how much she hated summer. My muse ran with the idea, imagining the worst person to have to suffer summer—a vampire on a tropical island.

Laiken was my first Himbo and I love his big, goofy ass so much.

Fangscreen includes

  • Grumpy Old School Vampire
  • Bronze-Skinned Beach Bum
  • Vampire Zoom Group Chats
  • Coconuts
  • A Watery Twist
  • Fern—An Elderly Lady Vampire
  • Mac—The Cowboy Vampire

October was a busy month beginning with Wings.

You finally got to meet Garavel, the much-needed massive marshmallow of the Coven.

I had the angel hiding in an abandoned mansion because when I was writing Wings, I watched a lot of videos of people walking through abandoned McMansions. They fell apart in just a few years.

Wings involves:

  • A Big Cuddly Angel
  • A Tiny Cuddly Kitten
  • Collaring Cal
  • A Masquerade Ball
  • Fancy Dresses
  • Ink in a Tux

For Halloween, I turned my Choose Your Own Adventure romance into an ebook…and I added nine different steamy scenes.

Let me tell you, writing nine erotic scenes in one go broke my brain.

Why are there so many in this one book?

You get to:

  • Top & Bottom a Werewolf
  • Ride the Ghost on the Couch or Piano
  • Take Control or Relinquish it with the Vampire
  • And pick between letting the Vampire, Ghost, or Werewolf take the lead in the Threesome.
  • Every decision you make affects your Happy Ending.

I finished out 2022 in November with Mistletoe Latte.

It should come as no surprise that Nick is influenced by Luke from Gilmore Girls. Grumpy cafe owner has to learn to love again while taking care of his niece.

I got the idea for this by thinking of what would go in a mistletoe latte. Then I turned that into a mystery as Emma tries to solve not only what but why.

  • A Grumpy MC
  • A Sunshine FMC
  • Age Gap
  • A Sarcastic Teenager
  • Funtime in a Cafe
  • Spanking

Celebrate the New Year with a New Book!

The clock chimes eleven on New Year’s Eve, and Ink schemes. When he learns that a kiss at midnight means good luck and love, he challenges Cal, Garavel, and Daniel. They have to fight to prove who best deserves the witch’s kiss at midnight.

Layla wanted to spend her rare holiday with her guys. But as they keep disappearing only to break things in the rest of the house, she grows suspicious and confronts them. 

This New Year’s Eve isn’t going to play out how anyone anticipated.

Midnight is a special Coven of Desire novella full of steam and incubus hijinks.

2023 will hopefully bring along the next two Coven of Desire books and a Happily Ever Austen.