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Steamy Saturday — Hot Shower

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

After New Years, Cal is struggling with his inner wolf when Layla joins him in the shower. She’s the only good thing in his life.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Steamy Head
🌶️ Inner Werewolf
🌶️ A Wakeup Call

The light shifted. I yanked my head from the downpour and was about to spin around when chilled hands cupped around my chest. She pressed her cheek flush with my back, and my rapid heartbeat calmed itself.

“I thought you might like some company,” Layla said, most of the croak gone out of her voice.

Her company was the only thing I wanted anymore. Work. School. Tests. Transformation. Eating. Sleeping—there was no joy to be found in any aspect of my life…except for Layla.

I caught her fingers wafting through my soaked chest hair and pulled them to my lips to kiss her knuckles. Her body caressed against mine, her breasts molding to my back. How I wanted to take both in my palms and tug on her nips until she squeaked. The tuft of her pubic hair grazed my ass and a moan slipped free.

The wolf knew her body’s reactions. It smelled the flush of her skin dewing in arousal. It heard her heartbeat picking up in tempo, the micro-gasps that made no sound to the human ear.

I spun so fast water beads whipped off in all directions. A groggy smile clung to her lips, the humid shower highlighting the petal-pink color against the tawny hue of her skin. Dew drops beaded across her entire body that kicked off a pant in my throat. But it was her eyes that ensnared me, wide in her face and so round they almost looked like perfect spheres. I was entranced with them, with the deep brown color that bore a trace of green in the bright summer light and her dark lashes that brushed to the sides naturally like curtains before a work of art.

“You’re so damn…” I said, but the words in my throat garbled to a growl. I dove for her lips while focusing on her eyes. The jolt of surprise in her irises was eclipsed by hunger, the slow flutter of her lids slipping closed as she folded her hands around my neck and tugged me closer.

Every lingering taste from my dream vanished, my mouth flooding with only Layla. I pressed her pillowy lips open and plunged my tongue inside, needing more of her. All of her. She tugged on my hair, guiding me to kiss her harder than before.

Nip her. Scrape your teeth down her throat. Bite right at the top of her breast until she squeals in delight.

My hand cupped to her neck, causing Layla to break off the kiss. Those wide, beautiful eyes hooded and she turned her jaw to the side. An invitation.

Yes. Bite her. She’ll cream from it.

Running my nose against the hollow behind her ear and down, I trailed my lips to her throat…and placed a soft kiss instead. Layla giggled in delight, while the wolf inside me pouted. It’d had enough attention already.

Cupping my hands to the side of her face, I scattered the water droplets on her forehead with my thumbs. “How can you be so beautiful the second you wake up?”

She snorted at that. “You are a terrible liar.”

“No. I’m painfully…” I swept my palms over her breasts, my body jerking at the moan slipping from her lips. “Awkwardly…” My hips twitched, the need to thrust sending my cock pulsing into her belly. Fuck. Stars shattered in my eyes, telling me this wasn’t going to be a slow and gentle session.

Layla tossed her head back, her spirals of hair flattening against the shower tile. Another moan from her kicked off one in me.

I dove to her lips, about to press a kiss when I whispered, “Honest.”

She began to snicker at the truth, but I cut her off with a kiss. With one hand, I kept tugging on her nipple straining to its full peak even in the warmth of the shower. The other hand I swept down the side of her waist to the demanding throb between my legs. One squeeze was usually enough to calm it and give me more time, but Layla caught my wrist…and rolled her palm right over the crown of my cock.

“Fu-uck!” My teeth chattered at the pulse of pleasure striking through me.

Her smile brightened as she released her grip on me. Layla dug her fingers into my hips, twisting me until the shower splattered onto my back. What is she…?

When she started to descend to a knee, a dumbstruck guffaw rose in my throat. Be cool. I managed to swallow the laugh down even while my libido fired up in joy.

Rubbing into her shoulder for support, I wasn’t certain what to do with my other hand.
On her head? No. The other shoulder? That could be bad. What if I just…? Folding my fingers back, I caressed the knuckles against her cheek. They curled back as she opened her mouth wide and sucked the tip of me in.

Holy shit! She twirled her tongue around me like a slick ribbon. The pressure started softly, but increased as she pulled more of me into her mouth. Oh, fuck! Tightening her lips, Layla pressed them into my shaft while the back of her tongue rumbled over the crown.

My toes clenched in the lukewarm water splashing under my feet. I tried to get a grip, to calm the rampaging blood coursing straight to my crotch. Then she worked my balls first with a gentle roll of them in her palm. She parted down my scrotum and pressed her thumb, behind…

Water dribbled down my cheek, causing me to glance down. To the beautiful woman sucking me off, her perfect tits glistening in dew.

Point of no return! I tried to push on Layla’s cheek, to warn her what was coming, but she increased her stroking and hung on. “God damn it all,” I sputtered, the orgasm striking through me. I reveled in my cum racing through my cock, expanding it until Layla’s teeth grazed the skin.

Fucking hell! That was even better. An incoherent cry slipped past me and my body shivered in joy. I didn’t want to move, certain that if I opened my eyes the pleasure would vanish.

A chill crested against the tip of my slathered cock and my paradise was shattered. But Layla’s sweet smile and her brushing her palms over my butt, the small of my back, and up to my shoulders brought me back home. She bit her lip and worked her jaw from the strain.

“Well…?” she asked, and hopped up on the balls of her feet before landing back down. “How’s that for a wakeup call?”

A giddy laugh rolled in my lungs. Brushing back her fallen hair, I said, “You’re better than coffee.”

She twisted her lips, flattening the top one in a crooked smile. But I wanted to feel them in their full rounded glory. Taking her in a kiss, I pulled her chest to mine and reveled in her soft breasts pooling against my ropey muscles and her rounded thighs molding over my strong ones.

Making Layla whimper and moan, hearing her beg for me to never stop, was the only reason I woke from my slumber. I needed her more than ever.

“I want you,” I growled, my words crackling in urgency.

She tipped her chin. “I hadn’t planned on going anywhere. You don’t have another shower.”

“No.” I shook my head, my skin prickling with impatience. “I want you to scream in pleasure.”