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Steamy Saturday — Couch Busting

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

In this excerpt from Madeline’s Park, Madeline’s invited her school crush to her apartment after she has to check on her cats. Ev’s a hot, perfect fireman who starts to reminisce about old times. Madeline finally seizes the moment.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Long Crush
🌶️ Adorable Fireman
🌶️ Southern Drawl

“Well,” Everett drawled, “I’m sitting by you again, so what does that mean?”

That you’re the sweetest man in the world.

Madeline tried to say it, but her voice lodged in her throat and refused to come out. The chances of her speaking coherently while under his emerald gaze were nonexistent. Ev scooted closer, gliding his thigh along hers and scooping his hand around her cheek. Twirling her fallen curl in his fingers, he asked, “Maddy? What do you want?”

She lost her mind. There was no other explanation for her, Madeline Prix, tipping her face to Everett Berry and kissing him. It wasn’t like she didn’t have experience, fumbling not-worth-bragging-about experience, but in that moment she became a teenager again. Lips pursed, she brushed her mouth over his. Barely more than a glance, but a tingle reverberated through her at the dry kiss. Gulping, she leaned back as her brain lit up with what she had done.

“Oh God,” Madeline gasped, wiggling further back into the couch. She slapped a hand to her rebellious lips as if afraid they might leap free to assault him a second time. “I am…I’m so sorry.”

Everett chuckled while brushing his thumb over his bottom lip. Let me die here. Strike me dead with a heart attack, or have the couch eat me. Anything to end this awkwardness.

“Well.” Ev twisted on the couch to stare deeper at Madeline. One fist pounded into the cushions for leverage as he leaned closer. Madeline had nowhere to go, her heart leaping about like a cricket on mowing day.
The thumb that’d brushed his lips clean swiped over hers, smearing the lipstick she put on. A smile tugged on his mouth, and he whispered, “Let’s try it again.” Everett Berry plunged his lips to hers. Repeat, Everett Berry is kissing me, Madeline. Yes, that Madeline.

Heat burst against her cheeks, her hands rising to hold him so he’d never stop. She didn’t get far, cupping his elbows, but Ev took control. One hand caressed her cheek, guiding her to the right as he licked his tongue across her bottom lip. 

Merciful heavens, he tasted so good. Chewing on sweet grass while sipping lemonade good. Smelling the hot dock baking in the summer sun good. He was home, he was safety, he was Everett Berry, the only man she’d ever wanted.

And he was kissing her.

Madeline’s tongue met his, overpowering his tender sweeps across her lip, and she rolled her tongue with his. Ev shifted on the couch, his leg straddling wider as if it had to accommodate his crotch. Oh shit, was he getting hard while kissing her? That…that was impossible but amazing.

Take it further.

She grabbed the hand on her cheek, his thumb still caressing down her smile line. Everett’s kisses paused, his hazy gaze trying to take her in until she placed his hand at the top of her breast. He had amazing hands, the palms capable of cupping a basketball, but even they couldn’t circumvent her buoys.

At first, Ev slipped his palm up and down across her left tit while sucking on her lips. As he traced his hand under her breast, he whispered, “You don’t waste no time. I like it.”

He wrapped both of his hands around her back and pulled Madeline with him until they were reclining on the couch. She gasped, scrabbling to keep up while his lips traversed up and down her cheeks and neck. Once she was positioned above him, he trailed his fingers under her shirt. Starting at the back, his nails swerved in little figure eights, Madeline’s forehead butting against his as she tried to mentally urge him higher.

When he hit her bra band, he paused. She was in her serious tackle, the kind that’d require thirty stout men to undo. Still, Ev wasn’t about to back down on tugging the bra apart while his lips swept around her face and missed their mark.

“I swear, this never gets easier,” he said, a laugh sputtering free. Should she let him keep trying? He wasn’t close to managing, but it might not be kind to…

All those years of changing in the gym without taking her shirt off worked to Madeline’s advantage. Snaking a hand under her the sleeve of her shirt, she tugged one bra strap down and freed her arm. After that, it was simple to unlock the mighty hooks and pull the whole thing out. With a jolly wave, she banished the bra to the floor. Everett’s sight shifted from the lost underwire trap to Madeline.

“I’ll never understand how girls can do that.”

Madeline was about to explain when he swept his palms over her free-to-roam breasts. A thin, stretchy sheet of rayon came between them as Ev rolled his hands back and forth from the sides down into her treacherous cleavage. Losing herself in his tender swirl of her shirt over her nipples, Madeline brushed her forehead against his for a kiss. When Ev pinched both her nipples in synch, Madeline gasped in shock. She opened her eyes to find an entertained smile rising upon his lips.

“The shirt’s fun and all, Maddy,” Ev whispered, his calf beginning to glide up and down the edge of her dour skirt. “Feel like I’m a kid giddy about stealing second. But…”

He swept his finger down her stomach, Madeline sucking it in on instinct. At first, he played with the straight hem of her shirt, but his palm began to curl further back to her ass. Ev ground his hand deeper in, tugging the elastic of her panties back and forth over her skin through her skirt.

Two thoughts ran through Madeline’s head. First, she hadn’t let anyone see her naked in the light for going on five years now. If Everett Berry took one look at her and ran for the door, she’d die on the spot. And second, her panties were soaked through at the idea of him rounding to home.

Madeline snatched at the hem of her shirt, prepared to yank it off like a bandage, when she paused. Giving a little shimmy with her shoulder as if doing a pole dance, she inched her shirt higher. A sliver, then a full moon of her so-pale-it-radiated belly emerged. Ev’s wandering hand rested against her skin, the heat from his body pooling down hers. Same as her ass, he started to knead into the giving flesh, and Madeline panicked.
Without a second’s pause, she flung her shirt where the bra had landed, scattering the unused coasters in the process. 

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” Everett cheered. Wrapping his hands around her back, he tugged Madeline closer while sitting up himself. Hot lips traced along her right breast, his face vanishing into their mighty silhouette. She ran her hand through his hair, savoring the soft, fine strands when Ev pursed his mouth around her nipple and pressed.

“Holy hell!” Madeline cried, her legs buckling from the shock pounding through her. The hands at her back pulled her closer, Everett working harder. He circled her nipple with his tongue in an intoxicating dance, Madeline lost in wonder at the small tremors he produced until he pursed hard and kicked off an earthquake.

“Thought you might like a little pressure,” he cooed, switching to her other breast. While that received the same spine-tingling sucking, he slipped his hand under her skirt. Climbing fast beyond her thighs, when Ev bit on her nipple, he swiped a finger straight down the center of her panties.

Heat broiled across her body, sweat beading on those very tits he wouldn’t stop sucking. Madeline felt herself falling forward. The only thing stopping her was Ev’s face buried in her cleavage. She knew she was wet, but the press of her soaked panties deeper against her was the bayou at the height of monsoon season wet.

“What about here?” Everett asked, his voice strong and clear. His finger worked in through the edge of her underwear, circling first along the strip of pubic hair she had missed when shaving, then playing with her inner lips. A groan rose up from Madeline’s sucked chest, her hips tipping to encourage him to explore deeper.

Third is yours for the taking.

“Ah,” Ev gasped out of nowhere, his hand retreating. The fear of him fleeing knocked into her brain, but it was to his own crotch he reached. “Getting backed up here,” he said, unbuttoning his jeans.

Sweet merciful heaven. Everett Berry’s, well, twig and berries. Tree and berries. Stones. Humongous stones.
“Still with me, darlin’?” He cupped her cheek, pausing in his reveal.

Madeline nodded hard, trying to will away the squeal she felt running through every vein in her body. Scooting back along the sofa, Everett slid his pants down in the process. A sigh of relief escaped him as he guided his cock to the forefront. Those lush lashes fluttered when he ran his hand once up and down the hidden shaft.

It was some other hand that reached for it, someone else’s fingers that drew down that hard cock nestled beneath his boxers. No way was it Madeline’s. No chance in hell was she brushing her palm to pump his underwear over it. Nor sneaking her pinkie in through the fly to glance a touch of her flesh over his.
Everett squirmed on the couch, his head tipping back as he jerked his hips in time with her hand. Without a second’s hesitation, Madeline snatched at the band of his underwear and tugged them down.