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Steamy Saturday — Hate Fork

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Layla’s been trapped with her kidnapper while dangerous monsters keep them pinned. Rage gives way to lust.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ Hate Sex
🌶️ Deadly Detective
🌶️ Rage Biting

Stone chuckled at my question, only enraging me more. I didn’t realize I’d stomped across the cold ground to face him until I felt his warm breath across my cheek. God help me, but it smelled like a meadow. A meadow of hypocritical asshole.

“Can you fault us for wanting to save our people from magical threats?”

“That’s what I do!” I reached out to smack him in the shoulder, my anger needing an outlet. He snagged my wrist before I could even make contact. Before I could blink, Stone pressed me back against the brick wall. Water dribbled through the mortar, rivulets running the length of my spine. I didn’t squirm or whimper, but glared at the bastard who had dared to shove me.

Stone took a step closer until his hips nearly knocked against mine. His eyes flared in the same anger stewing inside of me, his voice rising in flames. “How can any of us poor, powerless mortals know whether you’re a gun that’d take out the monster or turn on us?”

“I’m not a fucking gun!” Screw this guy. I caught the back of his neck and I dug my nails in, prepared to wrench him off me. He bent his head low and I kissed him. No, I tried to bite him, with my lips. Stone gave back twice as hard, heat snapping off his mouth as he nipped and sucked on mine.

I pulled on the hair at the nape of his neck, scraping the skin below as I crushed him tighter to me. Stone reached back and caught my wrist, yanking me off him. His once staid lips trembled and burned red from the force of his kiss. I kept glaring at him, a snarl raising up my swollen lip.

Lightning quick, he slammed both my hands against the wall beside my head. A low growl rumbled from deep in his scarred chest. The sound sent a shiver racing from my heart down to my thighs and I fought to keep my teeth from clacking. He drew his smooth cheek against mine until reaching my ear.

“No gun does what you can.”

I broke free of his hold on me. It startled him so, he nearly reared back, but I fisted his hair and held him against me. In charge, I faced him. “You can’t own me.” Hauling him closer, I declared, “You’ll never control me,” and I kissed him. Stone’s mouth parted, and I went in. He tasted of an ancient glen in the middle of a forest. With his hot tongue, he tried to tussle mine into submission, but I wasn’t going down without a fight.

We twisted around in a circle while pawing at each other’s clothing. I fought against his belt while he fumbled with my shirt. When my back once again struck brick, I gasped against his open mouth. His teeth snagged on my chin and he groaned.

Stone nuzzled against my neck while I scraped my nails down his back. Instead of wincing at every scar’s divot, I dug in, causing him to buck against me. He rose taller than me, pressing his hips and the thick cock behind his pants against my belly. The strength in his stance nearly caused me to wilt as he toyed with the hem of my shirt, softly raising then lowering it.

He pushed aside my sodden hair and breathed against my ear even as he thrust his cock against me. “I don’t want to control you.”

“Fuck you!” I shoved him away, grabbed my shirt and yanked it clean off.

Stone’s cocksure posture cracked. He could only pant in single puffs while staring at my chest. “Aw shit, there’s freckles,” he moaned, beaming at my cleavage.

He bent for my breasts, sucking on the top with his teeth as he caught under my ass and lifted me off my feet. “Fuck!” I clung to the back of his head, my thighs spreading wide with each jerk of his hips. My jeans’ fly rubbed in just the right spot, causing me to moan and thrust back.

All the while, Stone bit down on the exposed top of my tit. Every pinch of his teeth filled me with rage that went straight to my inner core. I slammed my leg around his waist and kicked with all my might. It got his attention. He looked up, his eyes feral.

I reached under to snag his belt and hauled him right against me. “Are you done playing?” With the leather end, I pulled his hips so he ground against my hot, soaked pussy.

“I assure you,” he said, unbuckling his belt and lowering his pants. Not far enough for my liking—it only exposed the indent of his hips and a tamed patch of hair right above the trapped dick. Stone clung one-handed to his pants, then wadded my hair in the other. He tugged my head back until the pressure tingled down my spine. “I never play.”

He bent down to kiss me when I took his cock in my hands. All that powerful force crashed once I wrapped my palm around him. His forehead smacked into mine and I started to pump up the shaft with a vein thick as an ancient oak.

The low growl deepened until I could only feel his chest vibrating against mine. He ripped at my bra, tearing the hooks clean off until it slid down my arm that was working his cock. When Stone clasped his palms around my naked breasts, I drew my thumb straight up to his crown.

“No turtleneck?” I asked in surprise. I’d gotten used to Cal’s double-wide foreskin.

Cal? Wait, what am I…?

Stone pinched both my nipples and the overwhelming pleasure knocked my head back into the wall. “Even splayed against this wall, you’re still a threat.”


He raised his knee and drove it between my legs while stimulating my tits. Not just the nipples—no, he went for every curve and swoop of the breast, diving down to take another bite and send me reeling.

“If I’m such a threat, why aren’t you dead?”

Stone snickered in my ear as he toyed with the button on my jeans. “Admit it. Admit you’re a killer. All from beyond the divide are.” My pants fell clean off despite being soaked and shrunk. I looked down in confusion, when he slapped both his palms to my bare-naked ass and pried the cheeks apart.

With each rub, he swept his thumbs just outside my lower lips, taunting me. The twin fires of rage and lust burst. I clamped my nails into the single ounce of fat on his hips and, while tugging him closer, said, “You’re the one who’s killing me, hunter.”

Before he could answer, I pulled him inside of me. He spread my legs wider, moaning at the tight fit. The crown was so thick I felt dizzy, each tiny thrust of his hips jarring through me. But the pain became an inferno of pleasure, soaking my vagina around him as it sucked him deeper and deeper in.

Stone slammed a hand beside my head and he bent close to kiss me. I lashed out and bit his lip hard enough to hear him squeal. His cock hardened to his name. “You’re going to pay for that,” he threatened, taking my breast and squeezing.

“How? You gonna kill me more?”

He thrust faster, digging my spine into the brickwork. With each pump of his cock, road rash scraped down my skin, and I wanted more. Stone shifted, taking my legs in his hands and pulling me off the wall. I rested on only my shoulders and my clit fell straight onto his pubic bone.

I cried out at the sharp sting of pleasure. Every ache, every curt word, every cross look only made my body boil more for his touch. My turn. I pushed back, grinding against him until my clit burned white hot. Stone groaned, his arms lagging at the weight, but I didn’t care if he cramped every muscle in his body.

It was what he deserved.

“I never wanted to kill you,” he whispered in a plain, almost tender voice wiped clean of the rampaging filth between us.

For a moment, I stopped grinding on him and looked up. Something was there past his shoulder, a large head with a long… Stone bent down to me and whispered in my ear, “I wanted to fuck you.”