First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from Saving Jared by Sandra Daniels

Firefighter Willa wants one sexy as sin rancher, Jared, to realize she’s not a kid anymore.

She began to pull back, but Jared’s arms gathered her impossibly tighter. What was he doing? God, please don’t let him try to make her feel better. She wouldn’t be able to take it. But then her confusion quickly morphed into something else when his low growl stole her breath and the whisper of a kiss trailed from her jaw to her parted mouth. What was he—

“Never beg.”

Then his lips took hers—hard. Worry over what he might think of her—of how she’d basically thrown herself at him—fled. How could she worry when his fingers dug into her back, dragging her so satisfyingly closer? Her mouth opened on a sighing moan as she wrapped her arms around him, before everything turned soft—his lips, his fingers tracing up and down her spine, her melting heart.

Everything except the unmistakable, steely ridge pressing into her bottom.