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Six Sentence Sunday — Whisper

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

This excerpt is from the third Coven of Desire book Whisper. Layla’s angered her incubus and werewolf in order to help her ghost.

It was a silent ride back to the apartment with a naked werewolf in the front seat beside me and the demon in the back. They’d maintained their “we’re very disappointed in you” stance the whole way, though Cal latched onto my hand and refused to let go. The tension erupted when I opened my front door and three men tried to be the first to enter. Exhausted, with my hand aching, I left them to figure it out.

The bathroom light was a cruel traitor and the mirror even worse. I looked like I’d been up all night in jail waiting for someone to wake up and bail me out.

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