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Steamy Saturday — Best Friend F*ck

WARNING! A Five-Chili Steamy Scene Lurks Below!
If you aren’t ready for your phone to catch on fire, click away.

Brandy’s crushed on her coworker Marty for years, but has watched him date the wrong woman from the sidelines. In this excerpt, he finally wises up.

🌶️ MF
🌶️ BFF Fall Hard
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“Marty,” she whispered, her eyes closed tight as if she was wishing on a star. The cliff’s edge hung before her, a million fears circling below and waiting to pull her under. A barely evident gasp caused her to look at him. “Be with me.”

“Tonight?” he said with a gulp.

“For…” she began when he surged forward. The gentle kiss of a summer’s rain transformed into a famished typhoon. Heat rose from her belly, causing Brandy to clasp him. To touch the stomach she’d seen naked what felt years ago, to reach up and tousle through his hair. To cling to Marty as he swept his palms over the back of her shirt.

Even through the thick polyester she could feel those palms pressing and kneading, bringing a flush through the part of her she’d thought dead. She wanted more. She needed it, him. To have not just any man but Marty himself hold her body and bring it to such blissful heights…

Brandy snatched at his shirt, fumbling to undo the buttons. She walked closer to him, their hips glancing off one another as she pulled and tugged at his impossible shirt. Marty chuckled at her force, his laugh caressing her ear before he lapped along the shell. A shiver danced down her spine, Brandy finally undoing enough of the shirt that she could graze her palm over his chest…only for Marty to stumble back.

“Whoa!” he cried as first he, then she, stumbled onto the couch. His hands remained locked around her waist, pulling her on top so he had to take the brunt. A reassuring laugh rose from Marty, whose shirt dangled to the sides of his chest. Brandy was trapped, her hands pinned on the cushions and her breasts pressed over his acreage of warm, naked skin.

Marty smiled wide and caressed her back. “If I knew you were that strong, I’d have let you bring in the stock,” he said. A burn rose in her stomach from her wondering if she had already messed everything up, when Marty’s touch rifled its way under the back of her polo.

“Oh God,” she gasped, biting on her lip at the warmth radiating across her spine. Two years since she’d known that touch, since she’d wanted anyone to caress even the small of her back. Her body hummed from only the sweep of his palm against her skin.

Marty drew his nose along the side of her throat, raising her chin with the tip as she trembled above him. “Hey,” he said, “you’re stealing my thunder.” He brushed hot lips against the thin skin on her neck, the pecks gentle and soft, until Brandy began to grind against him. They landed so his hips rested right above hers, but she felt a hardness rising from his pants and pressing ever tighter to her lower belly.

“Holy shit,” Marty sputtered, a moan rising from his throat as he glided his hips back against her.

She knew what was there, but in that moment, Brandy needed proof. To see it, to feel it, to hold it in her hand, to thrust down upon it until he begged only for her. She snatched the zipper, when Marty grabbed her hand.

“Wait.” He released his grip in an instant and cupped both his hands around her face. “I want to do this right,” he said, and kissed her on the lips.

Right how? Even confused, Brandy moved to resume the kissing, but Marty was already rising off the couch. She stumbled with him. He was still in his shoes, leaving him a half an inch taller than her. An odd feeling, to have to look up in order to fall into his sweet face.

Marty brushed through her hair, softly combing the locks back until they lay on her shoulder. Was that it? He didn’t want to take it any further right now? He tumbled his combing fingers from her hair down the line of her arm. One touch after another set off goosebumps across her body. As he reached her wrist, he circled the rest of his fingers around and reached for her hand.

Without another word, he pulled on her hand to lead them to the bedroom. Panic tried to take hold. What was she doing? Did she even remember how to do this? Oh fuck, how messy was her room?

But at the reassuring smile on Marty’s tender lips, the panic faded. He shoved the open door, walked into the bedroom then promptly turned and filled his arms with her. Only the blue light of her fish tank shone upon them, not that Brandy noticed. Her eyes were tight as she savored every touch of his certain hands.

The coy and careful lover from the couch snapped to a man who hoisted the cursed polo straight off her. His palm cupped along her bare stomach, causing the breath to catch in her throat. “Purple,” Marty said, causing her to stare at him.

Purple what? Had her stomach gone purple? She glanced down and got her answer.

“I’ve always wondered, and somehow always knew,” he said and swept his palms straight up her purple bra.
God almighty! His gentle touch, soft through the padding of the cups, sent her reeling. Marty answered by taking her lips in a kiss. As he swirled his fingers over her nipples, coaxing them through the petals that were meant to hide them, he delved his tongue into her mouth. She wanted it. Needed it, too.

Greedy, Brandy parted her lips and drank Marty’s nutty and sweet taste. He was amaretto sours, peanut butter ice cream, salty and sugary and masculine too. Every roll of his tongue with hers, every assured flex of it rippling along her lip made her legs tremble in anticipation. She wanted more, all he had to offer for as long as he could.

Marty picked up her hand and placed it on his waistband. Then the other. She clung to the pleated fabric where a belt could go and stared in wonder at him. Did he really want that? Want her to…?

A soft chuckle rumbled from his throat. He cupped her chin and brushed across her lips. Brandy chased it with her tongue, rolling along his thumb and causing a sputter of breath to escape from him. He pressed tight to her back, holding her close so he could breathe the same pant of hunger down her ear.

For a brief second, a cruel urge to torture him rose through her. To watch Marty squirm as she teased him with all he could take until he screamed for her. But that would require her to not be begging for him now.
Hooking her hands in place, she unzipped his pants. She expected him to wiggle free himself, but Marty whispered in the hollow below her ear, “Take ’em off.”

Slowly, she tugged on the hips of his trousers. Boxers? Briefs? Hearts on them either way? They didn’t have to fall far before she realized the truth.


A tan cock, with a head as red as his blushing cheeks, rose into her palm. She circled her thumb along the foreskin, causing Marty to buck his hips. “I always knew,” she said, widening her hand and gliding it down the full length of his shaft.

Then Romeo became putty, especially as she cupped his balls and nestled her palm in the burrow of black hair.

“Knew…knew what?” he gulped.

Brandy smiled and raised her torturous hand higher to once again circle the crown. “That you were packing heat.” She was about to laugh at her stupid pun, when a breeze brushed against the part of her spine that’d been covered by her bra.

“Wait until you see what it can do in the wild,” he whispered, and guided her fingers to hold him tighter. One-handed, Marty tugged the straps of her bra off her shoulders, freeing her breasts. She had to release him to toss it aside and expected Marty to put her hand right back.

But he stared in wonder at her chest, his cock twitching as it hardened. “Me luces tan bella,” he cried and swept his palms over her naked breasts. A thousand feelings swept through Brandy at once. Joy at him finally touching her, regret at how long it had taken, pain for the loss she could never escape, fear that it could all go wrong…and, overpowering it all, happiness. A strange, unending giddiness lightened her body until she’d swear it was floating.

“Are you laughing?” he whispered as he released her breasts and cupped his hands down her stomach to the khakis remaining in the way.

Brandy tried to shake it off, but another giggle escaped. “I’m sorry,” she sputtered. “It’s not you, it’s…” She couldn’t explain it, and, afraid that Marty might grab his balls and go home, she kissed him hard. The joyful laughs subsided as he fumbled with her pants. Unaware of the inside button, Marty tried to tug them aside.
They slipped a few inches down and Brandy was about to help, when he shook his head. “I will uncover the secrets below,” he declared. First, he placed her hands on his hips and crooked his fingers down inside her waistband.

Brandy strained higher, sucking in to try and help. The button was right there. He had to have felt it. But Marty moved lower, the edge of his nails scraping down the front of her panties. With his tongue, he lapped her bottom lip into his mouth. With his hand, he reached into her pants until he could draw a slow trail straight down her pussy.

“God,” she gasped into his mouth, feeling Marty smile at her response. His exploring finger worked its way around the elastic of her underwear and pleas dripped from Brandy’s lips.

But he started to slip away, as if afraid she wasn’t ready. To hell with that. She reached out and cupped his cock. Giving a steady jerk to the pliant skin, she watched Marty’s smirk of satisfaction collapse into awe.