First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from Sweet Slow Sizzle: Bangers Tavern Romance 4 by Sadira Stone

Loving him means risking the only family she has left.

He closed the distance slowly. His thick, curly lashes lowered. His breath teased her skin. When his soft lips finally pressed to hers, pleasure flowed through her veins, warm and heavy, melting her last shreds of resistance. She relaxed on a sigh, and his tongue swept into her mouth in a dance of velvet heat and unbearable sweetness.

“Lana,” he murmured, pulling back to gaze deep into her lust-blurred eyes. “I knew you’d be delicious.” He nipped at her lower lip, then soothed the swollen flesh with languid licks.

She wound her arms around his neck and pressed her aching breasts to his chest.
The kiss went on and on, a slow, sensuous exploration that made her want to weep and sing and devour this amazing man. Her whole world contracted to their fused mouths, their shared breath—until, with a hungry growl, he pulled her onto his lap. Giddy with pleasure, she caressed his smooth, shaved head. His skin was softer and silkier than she’d expected, unlike the enormous erection prodding her hip—but he paid it no mind, patiently caressing her as if handling something rare and breakable. One broad hand moved to cup her nape. The other massaged the small of her back in slow circles.

She stroked his shoulders, chest, back, mapping the slope and curve and solid muscle of him. His heart hammered beneath her palm. He tasted of mint and fruit. His soft moan stirred a whirlwind in her belly and flooded her sex. Shooting stars zinged behind her eyelids. She kept them tightly closed, afraid to end the dream, this precious gift of living completely in the moment. No thinking, just feeling.