Valentine Giveaway — Day Seven

A champagne chocolate truffle totally suits the story between Jeb and Issy because it represents a tasty, addictive, intoxicating celebration of love.

One person will win an ebook copy of Dance of Love by Sandra Carmel

An unexpected dance into virgin territory…

Jeb, a hot, late-twenties virgin is plagued with guilt and a history of heartache. Issy, his passionate physio patient is the first woman he’s fallen for in forever but she’s traveling overseas in a month to advance her dancing career. So why does he still want her so bad? After what he’s endured, he must be crazy. Although he shouldn’t pursue her, he can’t ignore his heart’s desire.

Issy has craved Jeb for months and plans to proposition him following her farewell drinks. But instead of flirting back, he wants to chat. What straight, hot-blooded man refused guaranteed sex? Surprised and intrigued, she indulges him and he relays his heartbreaking story. Touched by Jeb’s admission, combined with her incredible attraction to the guy, she offers to teach him how to be a great lover before she leaves. With their feelings deepening each day, can they work out a way to stay together before time runs out?


  • Day 1 Winner — Moni C
  • Day 2 Winner — Judy G
  • Day 3 Winner — Jeannie H
  • Day 4 Winner — Debra G
  • Day 5 Winner — Jessica
  • Day 6 Winner — Monica R
  • Day 7 Winner — Cassandra
  • Day 8 Winner — Carole B
  • Day 9 Winner — Bonnie
  • Day 10 Winner — Dasha F
  • Day 11 Winner — Desiree S
  • Day 12 Winner — Ruth W
  • Day 13 Winner — L.C.
  • Day 14 Winner — Kathy F.