First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss is from Rafe’s Mate by Rianne Thaxton

Alpha panther shifter, Rafe Navarro, finds his destined mate in human therapist, Aubrey Simmons.

“I want to see you—look at you.”

He wanted to look at her too. To see the expressions crossing her face. He could tell a lot from how a person’s body reacted. But their eyes—their eyes told him so much more. “Yes,” he said, slowly turning her around, but keeping her close. Her deep blue, longing gaze raised to his and he was lost.

She stretched up to him as his mouth descended, knowing he had to taste her lips—had to finally have his tongue savor what her sweet breath had promised all those nights ago.

When they touched it was more than he’d imagined.

He lifted her off her feet and gathered her up high against his chest as her arms wrapped around his neck. His mouth plundered hers as he soaked in her beautiful whimpers and moans blending in with the quiet rippling of the stream, birdsong, and bugs buzzing around them.