Valentine’s Giveaway — Day Ten

This is one of the few sweet flavors widely eaten during the Regency era. Others were seasonal fruits, and wouldn’t be as available at Valentine’s Day. And my book, while sweet, is also a little gritty!

One person will win an ebook copy of Roslynn’s Rebellion by Maggie Sims

Lady Roslynn St. Pierre has no need for a typical Ton husband. Frustrated with the constraints women are forced to endure, she desires a partner who will show her unbridled passion as well as supporting her ambitions to empower women. If the rumors are correct, the Earl of Suffolk might be precisely the man for her.

Nicholas needs a perfect wife. To advance his parliamentary agenda, he must forge a spotless reputation in Society, putting to bed the whispers of his membership in a spanking club, which so scandalized the Ton. Besides, his lady wife will undoubtedly have no interest in his more prurient desires.

Roslynn is determined to win his heart and satisfy his secret needs. But her plans go awry when her idea for a secret school for women conflict with Nicholas’ expectations in a wife. Together, they must determine whether Ton expectations will dictate their marriage or they will forge their own relationship.


  • Day 1 Winner — Moni C
  • Day 2 Winner — Judy G
  • Day 3 Winner — Jeannie H
  • Day 4 Winner — Debra G
  • Day 5 Winner — Jessica
  • Day 6 Winner — Monica R
  • Day 7 Winner — Cassandra
  • Day 8 Winner — Carole B
  • Day 9 Winner — Bonnie
  • Day 10 Winner — Dasha F
  • Day 11 Winner — Desiree S
  • Day 12 Winner — Ruth W
  • Day 13 Winner — L.C.
  • Day 14 Winner — Kathy F.